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The photographs on this blog are all mine, only mine, taken by me with -from this year- my "ohmygoodnesshowdidieverdowithout?" Nikon and remote, mounted on my Velbon tripod.

...but prior to that, with the use of 10 second timer and 1, 3 or 12 frame burst of my brilliant point & shoot, Fuji Finepix!  I know how to wring out its fine capabilities and I do have the 10 second dash from camera to position down to a fine art. The first pic is of my old Optio, which was one of the last point & shoots to come with a remote... they don't exist anymore. which was annoying at first, being without a remote... but I do love my Fuji, it's fabulous!

Very occasionally (if 'on location' J) a member of my family & friend-ly will hold the shutter down for me after I set up the shot.  Or take the photos...but... I actually get very shy!!
I work best alone... to the point where it has become a bit of a spectacle for my husband, children and friends...strangers!... to watch me do my 'thing'...

I'm not a fashion reviewer. 
I won't be doing reviews and I won't be using others images to demonstrate my philosophy on style.  This isn't a fashion blog.  I'm way ahead of that tribe.
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