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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

GlamOcean Belt Bag

GlamOcean belt bag by Dusk Devi
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I have been (making and) wearing these bags for a LONG time... and according to Vogue they are de rigueur (again).  Just please don't call them [shudder] "fanny packs" or bum bags. THIS is a belt bag and it's called GlamOcean... inspired by the iridescent turquoise/aquamarine of Fiji waters...

Fiji waters by Dusk Devi Vision
image by me Dec 2012

More images and how to buy after the Jump.

I used to hand make them but had to get them professionally made (ethically!) to meet demand.  I started making these because as a photographer I like my hands free to hold my camera and I hate having bags hanging off me... but I still need flair people, I still need flair.
(The outfit images below are all instances when I have photographed fashion shows.)

Other women complimented then requested and then it became bigger than Ben Her (no. not a typo).

$25 plus $8.25 postage to anywhere in Australia.  Click BUY NOW to well, buy now! 

...for FBI Fashion College Graduate Parade 2015

...for Raffles Graduate Parade 2015

...for Face Fashion 2015

the flower is a detachable brooch


Feb 2016


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