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Monday, November 10, 2014

STYLE Glambassador...

So... I tripped and landed on the cover of Mai Life STYLE... Fiji and the Pacific's first dedicated fashion and lifestyle magazine!

I am very VERY honoured to be their first cover "glambassador" but don't judge a magazine by its cover [as fab as it is dahling.]... the content, the editorials, the features... STYLE is not just about all things stylish... this magazine is a catalyst AND ahead of the zeitgeist.

This magazine presents a different perspective of Fiji and the Pacific. It is not all just coconuts and coups.

Dusk Devi - first covergirl of Mai Life STYLE, Fiji and the Pacific's first dedicated fashion and lifestyle magazine. Wearing Robert Kennedy Design Fiji.
Dusk Devi. Inaugural STYLE Glambassador.

Those of us who are from/have lived in Fiji know there is so much more to this country and to the Pacific in general. It is sophisticated, it is a hub of talent and a hive of productivity AND it is multi cultural. NOT one dimensional.

STYLE is breaking new Pacific ground! It is boundary pushing! Provocative even by international standards!
Its Editor and Creative Director are paying STYLE's reader demographic a huge compliment by talking UP to them, by acknowledging their intelligence and their willingness to expand their awareness.

Just in case you're wondering why anyone would want to put me on the cover of a magazine ... I was in the public eye of Fiji for a long time, as a TV and radio personality, singer, producer and model.

I am SO excited to be a part of this history-in-the-making and to also be one of the reasons why there is a small "Warning: contents may offend..." notice on the cover!! 

Excited not because I like to shock (I don't set out to, in fact I am shocked by what people get shocked about! eg. a female nipple offends more than murder)...neither am I a rebel nor an anarchist (both are conformist tribes).

What I am is a firm believer that evolution needs revolution. Unfortunately revolution at the time of its application, offends. It is hindsight that praises revolution. 

I have written a controversial article about a contentious word... from my liberal feminist point of view. 
Those that know me well know how I feel about the demotion of feminine specific words and terms (eg. "runs like a girl") and this article explores the etymology, history and demotion of this oh so offensive word. I resent its modern derogatory meaning and am baffled by the reactions it gets.... especially considering it is a literal 'channel of life'.

Anyway... I am looking forward to the reaction. I may not ever be allowed back in to Fiji. hahahaha!
I will be posting the story in its entirety [unedited and uncensored] on my Tumblr and wil post the link here, if anyone is interested in reading it.

Now let's talk about the cover... I love it! Uncluttered, dramatic, succinct, the styling is genius, the model, yeah she's okay...  

With abject objectivity I say that I look good. Hey, I am a photographer and ex model, it is disingenuous for me to plead otherwise! Believe me, I'm not looking for your validation. This cover does what it is meant to do, draw attention and create controversy* 
...although, like any human that gets put on a cover of a magazine, it is a struggle to not focus on my 'flaws!! And I am fighting twinges of caring about what others are thinking!! I can feel the nitpicking!! 

Oh come on! as IF you haven't ever looked at a cover and said about some celebrity, "meh. nothing special"!!
I am guilty of it. It is hypocritical and naive of me to think little ol' me is not going to get subjected to this!! If Angelina Jolie gets critiqued to hell and back, I expect much worse!

I was one of the first newsreaders for Fiji TV more than 20 years ago... so I am well aware of how females in the public eye get judged. Trolling is not a new thing, it's just gone from behind backs to behind screens.

[Also, the name here is my first and last name, "Dusk" and "Devi" are my middle names...and actually I am named twice! Dusk is what Sandhya means.]

*The controversy that I speak of... the fact that I am Indo-Fjian will come in to play. I'm sure you are aware of the identity crisis that has plagued Fiji and its inhabitants... there are many who feel that a "real" Fijian should have been on the first cover of such a magazine. 
Or reasons like "people who make a difference in every day culture to Fijians", whatever that means. Again, let me emphasize that the editorial team treats its readers like intelligent people. People who THINK. 

A "real" Fijian is someone from Fiji. Fullstop. Someone who makes a difference to everyday culture in Fiji is anyone who has left a legacy... and the Editorial team believe I did. 

I am resigned to the fact that there will be detractors for many reasons, some of which are valid opinions and some just because they want to feel valid. 

STYLE's purpose is to make you think. But as we all know... you can lead a horticulture... 

We are all gardeners of our destiny. May the garden of your mind always bear fruit. 


Stylist (and STYLE Editor in Chief) - the brilliant Faraz Ali.
Photographer (and STYLE Creative Director) - the awesome Ilaitia Jikoiono.
Assisted by the sublime Atong Atem

STYLE is published by Cover Story Ltd. Publisher - Naziah Ali


Anupriya DG said...

Oh, you 'glam'azing thing!!! Never knew you were such a multi-talented personality on Fijian soil! (though I know that you are a multi-talented personality in person...if you know what I mean)
I hope STYLE goes on to break many stereotypes and make a mark in Fiji's editorial history! We would always know that it all started with one Glambassador - the one we love & respect! <3

VerbosityAbridged said...

I know you're IT savvy but blocking me isn't doing you much good. You will always be lonely, because apart from loving yourself you have no love in your life.