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Monday, April 15, 2013

Oman Style Files: Princess Layer

Images taken at sunrise at the beautiful Shangri-La Barr Al-Jissah Resort & Spa.

Dressing for Oman - for a Muslim country- was an incredible experience.  Enlightening.  And strangely... empowering.  You know me, this is how I feel about a woman's choice and the way we dress.
However, despite my political stance, I would never flout a religion nor culture and its traditions.

Rebellion is not my thing. It's too conventional.

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What I'm wearing here is not a traditional Omani dress.  It's my Jedi Kaftan.  Yep.  Every Jedi worth her Force has one.  
I will be posting images of Omani garments... dresses I wear everywhere in Sydney.  
I simply must share with you how I get treated when I am wearing these and my Omani accessories*.  NOT what you would expect... if we're going to assume that a western country doesn't respond well to 'ethnic' garb. 

(...but I do wear sarees and traditional Indian accessories anyway so I don't consider this "daring".  Puhlease. )

Apart from not flouting cultural rules, I also had no wish to get in to trouble so I made sure I was covered head to toe!  It wasn't that necessary, One member of our travel party went around in shorts and a t-shirt, which was actually wrong and considering she is a veteran of the travel industry, rather oblivious.  
I advise you NOT to do this.  She got very angry looks everywhere she went and if not for the fact that we were with guides, I do think she may have gotten in to some serious trouble.

Oman is not quite as harsh as the other Arab countries but DO respect their cultural laws.  COVER your ankles and from your elbows up.  Regardless of how hot you feel and actually, covering up like this protects you from the heat.  Stops your body losing moisture. 
It was a bit alien to me at first to do this, to cover up in such heat.  Even when I lived in Indonesia, I did not have to be this covered. 

However, I did enjoy layering my usual layers further to create an 'extended' version of my style. 
...I must confess... I did think this would render me invisible but... quite the opposite.  

Many of my pre conceived notions have been shattered since Oman, there and here. In Oman, one MAJOR one was how women are treated. With the utmost respect, deference and regard.

Oman.  Not as black and white as you think...

© The Dusk Zone 2012 | All Rights Reserved

....and here I am caught mid-action by the gorgeous Edwina...

Dusk Devi at the Shangri-La Al Husn, Muscat, Oman | Dusk Devi Vision


Anupriya DG said...

Wow!! Lady, how come you look so stunning every single moment! *sigh*

Bella Q said...

daaaamn. I love these pics- am blown away by the vitality that leaps/jumps/dances of the page.