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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Side Trip of a Lifetime...

Hello lovelies... well... I have been away for a while... physically from theDUSKzone but mentally I'm always in the zone... and thank YOU for being in the zone with me.  It's boring without you :)

I truly do have so much to share... I have been tripping the light fantastic... and have just come back from the most AMAZING trip... I am hanging out to share my experiences with you... my stories, my images... my feelings!  Yikes!  Feelings!

It was a "side trip of a lifetime"... BUT... really, this was a TRIP of a lifetime and a major destination...  click to begin your adventure... then come back!

Before I start sharing the real good juicy stuff... you might want to peruse (or skim) the images on my Instagram or my Facebook page.

See you soon...


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