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Friday, January 4, 2013

Life. Style. Fiji.

I am woefully behind in my blog posts... if you are pals with me on facebook (herehere and here) and/or Instagram, you will know that I was in Fiji a few weeks ago for some major good times!  Not quite a holiday but let's face it... photographic assignments on a tropical island is hardly hard work!

I have been getting my act together and I will have some travel story posts up soon.  I have mentioned in my previous post that this blog will be changing its, hmmm, purpose... actually maybe finding a purpose.

Anyway... the main reason I was in Fiji was to attend, photograph and participate in a charity fashion event, Style Fiji 2012... even though I have not lived in Fiji my entire life and was brought up and educated in other countries and I haven't been back for 16 years, Fiji is... where I'm from.
I hesitate there because instinctively one would write "home" but it's not my home.  I never quite felt at home there, not because I don't love that place -oh I DO! SO much! I had the BEST life there the times I lived there - perhaps it's just because I would rather be a small fish in a big pond (and grow) than vice versa and for a while, I was a biggish fish.
I was one of the first newsreaders on TV there, I was on radio, I was a singer, event producer and I was a model.

...and that's why I was there.  Fiji's 90s 'supermodels' J opened the show.  I have to tell you... I was NERVOUS as hell!  I haven't been on a catwalk for 18 years and hello?  I am a performer still  and dancing on stage is much harder than walking on stage...but, oh wow, I was really nervous.
Perhaps out of vanity?  I am certainly not the size I was when I was modelling... I'm also twice the age!  I don't want to be that small again, it wouldn't suit me, a mature (ha!) mid-forties woman.
...anyway, regardless... if I may blow my own horn section (hmm)... I was fierce. Second nature it seems.  So to were my sister models. And the main reason for that?  We are all comfortable in our middle-aged skins!

So here I am.  Going on with my middle aged bad self.
Images by Josh Hedge
Dress by Retro Station Vintage Clothing
Back harness by  Me - Devi Armour

...and this.... oh dear... I have been debating with myself about publishing this image then I thought... oh sod it. 
I was the signature 'face' for this awesome designer -NAINA- back when it was okay for me to be wearing such things on the catwalk!!  18 years ago I wore the dress (for the collection's finale) that this dress pays homage to... Apparently she still sees me as 'The Naked Dress' wearer!  
...and the lights were not supposed to be this damn bright!!  

It was fun. It was for charity.  It was for deeply sentimental reasons.
...this charity is a charity I was once closely associated with...another post yes?  



I want to know how is the life style of Merchant Navy Officer's wife? Like what are the challenges


this nice dress ...  

La Belle Demimondaine said...

The dress is awesome, and you look amazing in it :) If people have a problem with it, tell them they can suck it. In a sweet and charming way, of course.

Veshoevius said...

I'm sorry - I am rubbing my eyes in disbelief - these photos here were taken now and not 18 years ago?? Could have fooled me! Woman you look un-bloody-believable in these frocks! You are so stunning and yes I can see why she still sees you as the naked dress wearer - you look AHMAZING! (I hope she gave that dress to you!)

BriGt said...

Woww... again my dear... you look stunning !! got it ? flaunt it !! :)