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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Trust Me. I'm a Jed-Eye...

I have carved a bit of a name for myself photographically and I now get exclusive access to photograph some amazing shows. 
Like this one, Star Wars Burlesque.
...and those of you that know me or are regular readers, you know that I cannot pass up anything to do with Star Wars!!!  The opening of a Star Wars envelope? I'm there!

About my photography...I'm not sure if I ever explained this... I was an avid photographer as a chid and in my teens and I had promised myself that, after fulfilling my other aspirations, I would pursue photography as a career when I was in my forties.
Well here I am and here I do.  And this is what I see...Dusk Devi Vision.

Apparently I have an excellent eye for capturing a performer's energy on stage.
People often ask "how did you do that??"

Dude.  I'm a Jed-Eye....

Click below photograph to see what the badge says...

This is a backdated post.
Outfit worn on the night I photographed the show.


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La Belle Demimondaine said...

I totally covet your awesome fur hat :)

I have just recently come across your site, and I really love your work!