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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Purple Reign...

...jewel tones befitting royalty*.  Not that I'm saying I'm royalty.  Hell, I'm not even a Drama Queen.  (I'm dramatic NOT a Drama Queen.  Big difference.

Speaking of purple royalty... I am very annoyed that I didn't see Prince (TAFKAPANKAPA**) when he was here.  Not because I couldn't but because I'm not really a big fan of live concerts.  That's weird for someone who likes being in the thick of action and ambiance.
Plus even though I do think that certain artists are worth it, I refuse to pay such exorbitant prices for top-notch seats and refuse to pay still quite hefty prices for nose-bleed*** seats.  But, Prince may have been worth it...

HOWEVER... I was prepared to sell my kidneys to see Madonna up close.  Now SHE, to me, is the Queen of Drama.  NOT a Drama Queen.  Big difference.
...but she cancelled.  She cancelled her Australian tour.  I may not recover from this.  It is quite possible that what Madonna's ridiculous botox-squirrel cheeks haven't done, her cancellation has.  Make me judge her choices. Sob.

*purple being considered the colour of royalty because in ancient times only the rich could afford it.
**The Artist Fornerly Known As Prince And Now Known As Prince Again
***So high up in the stands, you might as well be on Everest or at home.


This ensemble was worn out for drinks with friends.
I dress quite differently when I'm photographing... although you won't know it because, as I have stated before,
I still am very 'dressed up' when I'm photographing, it's just that I'm more practical.

There is nothing practical about a pink sequin bra, purple tube dress, fishnets over opaque red tights (it's winter! it's cold!
and metallic rose-gold peeoptoe stilettos.
And yes I have a purple version of my famous cossack hat!
These hats are conversation starters.  It's so crazy but cool.  It's like no one had ever seen these hats before. 
Or maybe I just wear it well... ;) 

Here I am contemplating the different patterns on the different leaves, all different shades of the same colour, oh the profundity...
that, or I'm admiring the gold glitter sparkle of my shoes.
You can't see them properly, dammit, but they're a vision of gold glitter proFUNdity!

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BriGt said...

ohhh looove that purple dress and furry hat... suits you sooo well and bring out the tan of your skin !