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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

These boots...

...were made for walking and stalking my prey... me being a shooter* and all... hehe... I LOVE these boots!  I feel so... 'Dusk. Huntress.' in them. 
[I don't usually do that, use the feminine of a noun, I don't say actress, I don't say songstress and who the hell says doctress?....but 'huntress' just sounds... strong.  grrrr.]

*I was photographing performers for promotional images on this day.  When I photograph I like to dress my usual flamboyant self.  I'm pretty much the only photographer I know (in Sydney) who does this.  Everyone else likes to be 'comfortable' (read: boring), as if comfort and flamboyance are mutually exclusive.  Dudes. Seriously.  Google 70s styles.
Anyway, perhaps because I am a performer myself, I know the importance of presence and projection.  I figure that if I'm projecting theatricality, I'm going to get it back and that can only be a good thing. 

You've got to be the image you want to see.  You've got to walk the talk, you know?

| vintage cossack hat (aka my head in winter because it is a rare day I don't wear it) |
| metallic gold jumper that is truly metallic gold, you can't see it properly but it's like Midas touched it, doesn't feel like it though, so soft |
| the most subtle pink jeans ever... |
| ...are you ready boots? |


These are another pair of boots that were made for getting down to serious business and no I don't know what I mean by that but just, you know, go with it.
I have, in recent times, wasted energy worrying if my skirts are too short for my age. 
(I know.  We deal with important shit on this blog.)
...but I'm Rhett Butler about it again...

| batwing poloneck top because it's winter and The Dark Knight is rising...soon... |
| band-aid masquerading as a skirt |
| those are my normal colour legs because I'm totally Aayla Secura |
| neon bangles |
| boots that were meant for me, thanks to Over The Top Vintage a fave vintage store and one of the best in Sydney |


I made these. 
Well, not from scratch... the boots were camel-coloured and didn't get much wear out of me.
Blech.  Camel.. I spit on you. I purple glittered the hell out of them.
And now they're heavenly.

...and this is my favourite denim jacket... I've had it for, hmm, ever.
I wore it with... oh who cares, I just wore it.

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