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Friday, June 29, 2012

Stats No Lie

Have you ever looked at all your traffic stats and thought "who are you all? and then also thought... hmmm... that ip address checks my blog 15 times a day...hellooo? Stalkkkerrr.... hehe... well I guess that's what comes with blogging territory. 
Hence why I'm not too fond of sharing too much of my life but fo' schizz I'll show you my wardrobe. 

I have noticed that my traffic is vastly disproportionate to the amount of readers that follow this blog.  And I don't get it.  Although I do get a lot of 'observers' from various other jump points, I do realize that my lack of networking and posting inconsistency doesn't win me any favours nor Blogger readers!
BUT... my traffic stats (unique readers) are great! And stats don't lie.  [I hope not!?]

Apologies.... this is a very photo heavy post...
I'm just such a slacker when it comes to updating my blog.
I need to change that.
Time to roll up my sleeves and get blogging....

Wore the above and below ensembles on the same day, Sunday June 17th.

Was a beautiful but cold day, we visited my favourite markets and a favourite gallery, although it's actually the Teahouse that we linger in longer!

Then at night I photographed a Pin-Up, art and burlesque show.
If you're a Sydneysider and like such things, then you might want to attend the next event.
I run the Australian Burlesque Calendar and photograph a lot of burlesque events and
I can truly say that The PinUp Parlour was one of the BEST events I have seen this year.
Like them on Facebook to stay in the know; The PinUp Parlour.

You may also want to 'Like' my photography page on Facebook; Dusk Devi Vision

Just be aware that I am primarily a burlesque photographer, which means that some of my photographs may not be suitable for work
OR may offend certain sensibilities.
Whatever. That's your choice.
Nudity offends some. Hypocrisy offends me.
I'm gaining a (well deserved and modesty be damned!) reputation and recognition as a photographer and seeing as this has been a life-long ambition... I'm focused.  J

By the way, we are in the throes of winter.  And I don't compromise on warmth.
My winter look is Colourful Bodycon Onion.

Gorgeous vintage earrings!

This was a work day ensemble. earrings by Coco Liberace. The jewelry brand I work for.
I'm reaching for the stars at the moment...

...and jumping a lot too!
Another work day ensemble.
My husband said "are you going to Carnaby Street instead of work?"
sigh. I love him.

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Tanvi said...

I love all your winter looks (of course!) and I am so impressed by your photography skills. That's just another feather in your cap.

May the stats and you both reach the stars that you are aiming for! :) *kisses*

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