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Saturday, May 12, 2012

May... so far...

So... in the spirit of getting posts up fast I'm still keeping my posts 'puddle-y' rather than oceanic (think depth here). 
I have started to understand my current reticence to blog a little... blogging (about our clothing choices!) is very naked.  We share so much about ourselves and it is very easy to forget that, unlike eg. facebook, we can't control who sees what on our blogs (yes there are privacy features where you need a password to see the blog but that defeats the point surely).
Despite (and really, because of) appearances, I am a fiercely private person.  Anyway, enough of that.  For now.  I don't want to share too much now...  that leads me to another crazy thing (going off tangent here. what's new?).

When people are asked about their fears WHY share them???  Don't these people watch movies?  No good ever comes out of
a) water skiing when the music is going "da dum. da dum. dum dum dum dum dum dum da nanana"
b) hearing a noise in the middle of the night and arming yourself with a flashlight
c) telling people your fears.
When asked, I say "foot massages. And I'm willing to face my fears. All day every day."

Another month that is just flying by!  I don't like admitting that because I (try to) practise mindfulness and being in the NOW and feeling/living/experiencing every moment, every second so that I never have to ask "where did time go?"...but as I always say, we are but tempus fugitives... always on the run.

On with the show. 

This is a very casual look for me but slouchy bright jumpers and tapered harem-cargo pants (?!) are my jour silhouette du jour. And I'm getting my wiggle on at night!
The above dress is a stunning body skimming midi dress and it looks rather nice on me and no thank you, I don't need any help blowing my own trumpet.

Previews... more pics after jump.


These boots are currently glued to my feet.  I LOVE them. Love.

Alas I didn't buy this most spectacular 70s patchwork leather jacket because it isn't actually suited to my body type... but it doesn't look bad here!  Ahh the wonders of photography and posing.
Sydneysiders, if you haven't already, you simply MUST visit the The Vintage Emporium at The Sydney Antique Centre in Surry Hills.
I've blogged about it before here and good friends of mine run the heavenly Retro Station.  The teal felt fedora I'm wearing above was purchased that day.
I also love Over The Top Vintage, a most fabulous shop run by a wonderful woman
(who looks after me so generously!)
This jacket is from Over The Top may still be there so run, don't walk, if you want it!


This I wore to drinks with my darling Meagan at The Absinthe Salon and then photographing another friend for her cabaret show.  I have awesomely talented friends.

Um... dude.  I have awesomely talented hair.  I mean... it's doing this all by itself. 

You can't see this here but my fishnets are flecked through with gold lurex and they sparkle. 


A work day ensemble.  Feeling gypsy-ish.  Mainly because I was having a bad hair day

turquoise a-line maxi dress * shearling lined, faux-fur suede cropped vest. I cropped it. * leather bangles * my boot lovers *


A work day ensemble.  A total clash. 


work day ensemble.
green sweater top * claret mermaid-pencil skirt * leopard print wedges * crazy-ass belt


...and then there was a weekend day... Saturday May 12th... a late lunch at one of our favourite spots...


Leia said...

Why must you be so fabulous?! The electric blue eyeliner, the stunning purple dress and your amazing hair are to DIE for. And don't even get me started on the green/purple ensemble , it's one of my favorite color combinations and the silhouette is just perfect and that skirt is too pretty! And I adore the bauble necklace!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Holy mama!!!! I want to glue myself to those boots too coz then I can follow you about in your fabul-arse outfits!!!! Oh my gawd look at your gorgeous rump in that purple skirt - sizzlin' baby!!!!!!! xxxxx

Bella Q said...

You are breathtakingly gorgeous in the sort of way that makes me feel good about myself? Does that make sense? I see you being all gorgeous, and also kind, forthright and genuine, and the beauty becomes a 5-D sort of thing, and adds to my day. You love color and color loves you. I took a few pics off this post to put in my style inspiration folders. If I wasn't so lazy I'd upload them onto Pinterest- we'll see.

Fears? Oh yea, why talk about them?
I'm afraid of those boots, and am fully willing to dive right in. Ha ha.

Nice to "see" you lovely. PS: You are talented from Hair to Toe.