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Monday, April 30, 2012

So this was April...

Wow. April flew by. It didn't feel like it at the time. A busy month spent working, photographing, going out, major family festivities as well with birthdays and my brother staying with us for a while (so much fun!), etc.

This is a backdated post, uploaded May 12th...gosh... I've seen weather patterns more consistent... Anyway, I will leave the profundity for later posts.  For this post I will try to describe each outfit and remember what I was doing at the time... here we go... warning... this is a very and I mean VERY photo heavy post. 

I wore this to the launch of my friend Karen Fulton's S/S collection. Karen is the designer of Zippora and is awesomely awesome.  The awesomest.
Don't worry.  No stuffed toys were harmed in the making of this faux fur stole.

teal stole * navy tank * genie silk pants * gold lurex fishnets *


That metal belt is a treasured piece.  This was a work day ensemble.  The purple tights looked better in daylight, they look awfully sheer here.
a 'rubenesque' sized top worn as dress

My current shoe obsession.  Wow.  I never thought I would write such deep and meaningful words.
I'm not liking my inability to articulate at the moment.  Mind you this is not a verbal issue.  I do not have a problem sharing my opinon and your opinion and my thoughts vocally. 

Anyway... obsessed with these boots.  They were AUD260.00 but like hell I was going to pay that much.  I like expensive things just as long as I don't have to pay the expensive price.  Patience is such a virtue when it comes to modern day materialism. 
Because these are uglygenius, it wasn't a big seller so 2 months after they were brought out, they came down considerably in price and if my husband is reading this... oops.
Nothing to see here [whooshJedi hand wave in action]... these is not the post you're looking for...  

I believe in double dipping the leopard print.
You can see that here and probably other places but I suck at categorising my blog posts but dammit, you should see my linen closet.

I'm jumping for joy so I'm guessing this wasn't a work day.  Jokes.
I love going to work.  Just not so early in the morning. 
Work should start at 10 with 3 10 hour days then a 2 day break and so forth.

the most comfortable faux fur lined leopard print coat * mega flared jeans * vintage belt *
leopard print ankle boots *

Wore this vintage beauty to the Symphony (Tchaikovsky at The Ballet, took my friend Karen -mentioned above- am currently educating my younger friends about classical music and oh, have I mentioned I have started cello lessons?  No?). 
I attend as many symphonies as my wallet allows. 
I have been attending Symphonies and classical music recitals for 20 years now and have see prices go up (worth it) and dress standards go down (awful!)... people wear jeans to the Opera House! Shock!  Horreur! Casual has its place and that place is not the Opera House.
Cripes I sound like such a snob.  Eh.  Whatever.  For some things I am.

A very cool alley in Chinatown (Sydney).  I like this photo because it looks like I've just landed an up-the-wall somersault after fighting a gang of thugs who were about to launch a hostile take-over over the dumplings food carts at the Chinatown Night Markets.  What?  Never mind...

Yeahhh... I don't usually take photos like this (below) but I was rushed for time that morning. 
I have had these Bally boots for 20 years!!  They're actually a dark cherry red but are now... not.  But they're wonderfully soft and worn-in.
The way I see it there are many advantages to getting older, one of which is everything you own eventually classifies as vintage.

My idea of monochrome.  A work ensemble. 
(70s sweater, April has been very up and down with weather temp)
Spectacular neckpiece by Coco Liberace, the jewelry label I design for.

Stars and stripes and black and white!  Another work ensemble.

I don't know why I edited the pic to be half black and white.  
Maybe because, I've got nothing.

Seriously don't know what I'm doing here.  Whistling?  Talking to whales?
Whatever.  I'm wearing vintage linen pants.  Woolworths brand! There's a pun there somewhere but it's currently 3am so I'm spun-out.  Geddit?  No?  Yeah neither do I ohkayyy. moving on.

I look like such a dork here but a dork with bangin' arms!


Stupid photo, wasn't in the mood to be photographed, it's weird how it gets like that. 
I was photographing that night.
Usually when I'm not in the mood to be photographed for the blog I don't take photographes for the blog. Hence why the entire month isn't covered. (ha! pun!)  
It's not like I'm running around naked (uncovered) the rest of the time.
Anyway, I'm wearing a deeeeeep v-neck vintage dress with the most wonderful flared skirt.
And a pink sequinned bra.


Hanging out by a lake, post brunch, with my friend Meagan (Aloha Creative).
a batman t-shirt from my extensive collection of superhero tees because I am a super geek, super geek, I'm super geeky... yowwww.


...and I'm just keeping abreast of the situation here....

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Leia said...

Looks like you've had a busy, amazing, fun, stylish month! Naturally being a music teacher the most exciting bit of this post was to hear that you're taking cello lessons :D. I absolutely agree that wearing jeans to the opera house is unacceptable. I think that the way you dress reflects your respect for the performers and jeans means you can't be bothered, which = 0 respect.

Adore all your ensembles... I think the deep V with the sequin bra is one of my faves! And the mint top is so beautiful! And I love the faux fur blue stole. How I wish I could raid your closet! (And take some tips on how to have a neatly organised linen closet! :P)

So glad to see your gorgeous face on your blog again... have missed you.