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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The week that was...

...sort of... I didn't photograph every day. Too hard.  I'm trying to recreate my feelings for my blog... making it pleasure rather than pressure.  Hence why I'm keeping content 'fluffy'.

My life is (gloriously) hectic right now so I actually have to 'allocate sessions' on Saturdays to catch up with friends!!  Oh lawd, doesn't that sound awful?  But I treasure my time with my friends and I crave them if I don't see them regularly so allocated Saturday sessions must be done!
It's a bit tiring to do social weeknights because I work full-time then I'm usually photographing 2 nights a week but I LOVE being at home so need to be at home.  I also have a full day of Flamenco school and then practise sessions. And most of all I need to be with my husband and need time alone too. 
...I seriously don't know how I managed to fit in all the physical activity I used to do prior to my adrenal fatigue!  Bikram Yoga, Boxing, Taiko, Pole Fitness... plus Flamenco, work and everything else... holy cow! 

No wonder my adrenal glands said... "Yo Dusk.  You're overworking us dude"  And then they shut me down.
Anyywayyy...Sundays I dedicate to my family and today I'm having a rare day at home, mainly due to the weather, which is dreary. I was supposed to do a whole lot of things like edit images, write proposals and articles, my office filing, etc but... oh man... I'm still in my pyjamas!!  (Sunday)

Sat 17/03 DAY:
Brunch, afternoon tea, early evening drinks with different friends.
Trust me to wear red on a day Sydney city was painting the town green for St Patricks Day!
Actually I'm annoyed.  I like to dress thematically.  As corny as that makes me.

Forgot to photograph Friday workday and Friday night's ensembles.  Friday night, my husband and I usually go out for dinner... Saturday night, if we're not doing things separately, then we just like to be at home together!  SUCH a luxury!

Thurs 15/03 NIGHT:
A burlesque industry night cocktail party & catching up with a most awesome friend and although I wasn't there in official photographer capacity, I did take pics because I can't help myself!
Wearing my favourite vintage Gottex skirt with chiffon cut-out sleeves bodysuit... the combination of colours is... subtle no?  hehe.


Wed 14/03 DAY:
Workday neons and pastel.

Mon 12/03 DAY:
Workday hustle and ... bustle.  Geddit??

Sun 11/03 DAY:
A relative's birthday luncheon.
Wearing an 80s white lace shirt and a vintage pair of freakin' incredible wide-leg pants!

Sat 10/03 PM:
Went to an incredible gypsy bands concert with a group of girlfriends. All kinds of awesome fun!
A fusion of European and Middle Eastern sounds. 
So I'm wearing a Salwaar Kameez tunic with vintage lace-panel boudoir harem pants (I know right!), vintage gold lurex bandage belt and my favourite maang-tika (traditional Indian forehead adornment) annnnd.... I was actually wearing stiletto mules not my foldable walking shoes! 
They're so comfortable I forgot to take them off!  (I took these photos around 3am)


Polka Princess said...

You have had a most interesting & colorful week! Love the pastel & neon combo.......and of course, that lace shirt & wide leg pants!! <3

Tanvi said...

NEON & PASTEL !!!! I love that combination. Amazing.

∞ © ∞

- Tessa said...

I MUST find out what kind of bras you wear!! (Wow, that's personal - I apologize, but your "girls" always look so amazing.)