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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Portraits and Landscapes

Art is subjective and in the sigh of the beholder. 
(apologies, I am rushing yet again, I tend to post when the blogmuse strikes me, this is a backdated post, it's actually Easter Monday here and I'm on my way to the beach!  I will extrapolate later.)

Went to see The Archibald Prize with my darling friend Koko.  Then we frolicked in the Botanic Gardens


Wearing a vintage skirt, was fornerly a midi length.
Wearing a necklace made by a sculptor.  Never fails to get attention.

My darling friend Koko.  She never fails to get attention. 

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Karishma said...

Came to stay *hello* and stalk *Her Gorgeousness*. After a long, long time. How are you? :)