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Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm a Skinny Chick...

...because nothing fits as good as skinny jeans... ha!  And that's not a truism.  I was merely being 'punny'.

I loathe that infamous statement by Kate Moss.  One of her "mottos". 
I see the beauty in all shapes and sizes so I don't think one body shape is more attractive than the next... but I very much dislike the notion that skinny is the epitome of attractiveness and that the pleasure of eating must be sacrificed to appease the pressure of being skinny.  I could go on and on about this issue, I do anyway every day.  The Skinny Myth. It's an epidemic.  And it must be cured. 

The main 'perk' of being a burlesque photographer (see links above) is photographing beautiful, graceful, sensual women of all shapes and sizes who are extremely comfortable in their own skin.  They own their insecurities and a lot of them have just said "f**k it. I don't care.  I love me so you better love me to." You may not think of burlesque as a femnist artform but it most certainly is a self empowering art.

Anyway... back to puddle mode...I have a collection of skinny jeans in lots of colours... cobalt, aqua-green, purple (as seen here), red, pink, yellow, orange and black....and I did wear the yellow pair and a super retro kickass flared pair (just to mix it up) but didn't find the time to photograph them. Oh well.


garakami said...

Oh man, you've still got it Dusk! It's been a year since I last visited my blog and the first person I see in my newsfeed is you :-*

I feel weird saying I miss you, but in spirit I truly do miss you! I miss being able to look at posts and comment, and I miss our banter lol.

Hope all's well!

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Ah, there you are - where have you been? Photographing and enjoying life no doubt. I do agree that we are all beautiful regardless of body shape and so forth. I do like the fact that you cpature Beauty. XX

Elle Enchanted said...

Looking beautiful as usual Dusk! I haven't been around in a while and it's nice to see your glowing face! I love colored jeans, though I haven't owned a pair since I out grew my aqua pair that I wore long before they became in style a year or too ago.

Veshoevius said...

Burlesque dance does seem to have a more forgiving dance culture in terms of celebrating a wider range of womanly shapes and sizes (like flamenco!)
Love your colourful jeans!