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Friday, March 2, 2012

Deja Vu

I do not dress for my blog.  My blog started because of the way I dress.  I only photograph what I have worn in the 'real' world not what I'm going to wear or what I would like to wear...but... I do catch myself thinking, "hmm, I can't wait to I photograph what I'm wearing today"  Ha. 
AND what's worse... I actually get a bit annoyed with myself when I don't / can't photograph what I wore on that day and seeing as I am 'dressed' every day, I (you?) miss my daily fabulous ensembles.  I don't tend to wear my 'outfits' twice so if I didn't photograph them the day they were worn... no go.

So... I am quite surprised at myself that I wore this exact ensemble again!  Different set of friends, different venue but exact outfit, head to toe!  Just so I could photograph it.  Oh dear.  My blog has a hold on me.  It's deja voodoo!!

Do you do this?  Have you ever done this? 

I have said this before... I am in awe of you bloggers who do this everyday.

There was a time that I thought the easiest part of blogging was taking the photos... the 2nd easiest was writing the post to accompany the photos. BUT... now these are 2 of the hardest things about blogging.

Regarding the photos... well you all know or may know or now will know that 99% of my blog photos are self-clicked and the majority is done in my at-home studio (location shoots are shot with remote and tripod but sometimes my husband gets in to it as do my friends), easy right?
...but I just do not have the time nor the inclination anymore.  When I have the time I would rather be in the moment.  When I have the inclination I have no time!

...and when I'm wearing slightly boring, casual ensembles... what do you know?  I have all the time and inclination in the world!


Polka Princess said...

Say what? I face the same problem nowadays! Most of the time I'm "dressed up", I either don't have the time or the opportunity to photograph myself (my photographer being my sis, hence, when she's not available, no photos!)!!!

Coming back to your post, love, love LOVE the sequined jacket! And that multi-colored necklace is GORGEOUS!

You, on the other hand, is as sizzling as ever!!! :)

Leia said...

I do sometimes wear the whole outfit again just to photograph it! :P I adore your sequin jacket ensemble... it is just so classy and elegant and fun and wonderful. Just like you.