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Friday, March 9, 2012

Animal Instinct

It is obviously my animal instinct that when I wear anything chiffon-y, I must kick and flare.

Okay.  I'm no Sylvie Guillem but I used to be quite flexible.  Sigh.  I miss my flexibility. 
After having to give up Bikram Yoga and Pole Fitness and other exercises that enhanced and maintained my flexibility, I am just not as limber anymore. 
Oh sure I stretch every day and it's neccessary to do so with Flamenco but... doing a six o'clock requires major dedication.  The kind of dedication that malkes my adrenal fatigue flare.
See?  Always have to flare somehow.

By the way... have I mentioned that I'm taking a (blog) break from profundity?
I'm indulging in propundity.  hehe.

...and you know how 'they' say that you should only wear one animal print piece at at time? 
The rules of the jungle dictate otherwise...
I'm in my backyard jungle. Thought it might be a (welcome) change from the white walls.


Polka Princess said...

All those animal prints seem like second skin for you......and talking about instincts (animal...basic, it's all the same...), I think you are the Sharon Stone of the blogosphere! Such a diva, always!! <3

pavani reddy said...

stunning as always dusk...