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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Velvet Net

So...apparently I've gone from being Princess Layer to Princess... um... Mermaid?  (in reference to my use of fishnets in these ensembles).
Sigh.  I've got nothing, I've got nothing to write about except this disclaimer, written on another post;
"My posts lately have all been 'fluffy' rather than topical and profound ("opinionated? Who me?")... but that's because I'm wading in the puddle side of my personality... on my blog...I'm still deep as an ocean in the physical world.  Until I see a shoe sale."

I wore this to photograph a gothic cabaret style burlesque show.
You know... I lead a pretty interesting life (if I may say so myself, I'm certainly never bored but then again I don't really understand what boredom is and how it comes about)... I'm just not able to write about it.


Whoops.  One twist away from a wardrobe malfunction. 
Don't worry.  Hollywood Tape saves the day.

When it comes to sequins, I'm a Liberace-ist...why stop?
I wore this to actually see a burlesque show.  It was a weird feeling. 
My trigger finger was itching to shoot all night.
...I'm still concerned about the length of my skirts...


Ninjagaiden78 said...

I love those earrings and of course you look beautiful.

Vivek Nanda said...

Super Sexy !!

Cooolest Diva ;) said...

I'm in love with the first look, amazing! :)

Polka Princess said...

Those earrings! Gorgeous! And so are you!!! :)