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Sunday, February 12, 2012


...was supposed to be SUNday... alas..the heavens opened half way... didn't stop us though from having a fun day.  I'm very much a fair weather gal, meteorologically not metaphorically.

Then at night I photographed a burlesque show.  Hmm... I have said that I will try to explain what burlesque is... later... right now I will explain what burlesque isn't... it's NOT a stripshow.  And... it's not for men.  I run the Australian Burlesque Calendar (link above) and I am becoming pretty well known for my burlesque photography (please go ahead and like my newly created Facebook page J ) so as an astute observer and chronicler, I have come to understand the people who perform Burlesque.

...and no, I will never be a Burlesque Performer.  Like what I believe about tattoos, my theory as to why people get them*, Burlesque is all about regaining mastery of ones body.  And I have never lost mastery of mine.

“Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never seek the light.” - Bruce Lee


*My theory... controversial, provocative but not judgmental.  
Each to their own but everything is for a reason.


Sunday day: 
How unlike me is this dress???  But it's pretty and it doesn't hurt to do pretty once in a while.

Sunday night: 
How steeped in fabulosity is my self-made Bruce Lee 'Game of Death' tank??  I'm wearing a long evening skirt that has a train (too lazy to change lenses hence why no full-length shots, I took these pics at 1am!) and a vintage sequinned bolero jacket. 


Tanvi said...

I think nothing is UNLIKE you ... even that dress ... 'coz I think you can be ANYTHING!!! and I mean that as the best compliment ever!!! Love the third shot from the top.

I will have to come to Australia to actually see everything that you do. Your world sounds so much more interesting and fascinating than mine.

♡ from ©

Leia said...

You are just *incredible*! I adore that dress. It fits so well with the backdrop of the seaside... you look like a mermaid.

And as for the sequinned bolero... I have something like it. And now I'm inspired to wear it! Those earrings are absolutely fantastic too. You beautiful, foxy vixen, you!

Veshoevius said...

gorge photos! love the sequin cape! And the floral dress is wonderful on you. I wear turquoise eyeliner like that too!