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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oh, ohhh...Sometimes...

...I get a good feeling. Yeah.*

I had such a glorious day today!  A rare weekday of no work, all play!  Had brunch with one friend, lunch with another then a most amazing, intense (aka painful!) therapeutic massage session with a most amazing healer/therapist.
The early evening drinks (mineral water for me) with another friend.  Then ahhh my family.  Immersed in positive, healing, good glow-rius feelings all day, in all ways!

Brunch was with my lovely Karen, the designer of Zippora (see this post)... she and I, other than being spirit sisters, are also pants twins!  We were opshopping together when we found these pants...vintage 80s Ken Done pants $5.  2 pairs.  In our sizes!!  She didn't wear hers today.  But I just know we're going to end up wearing it on the same day one day!

[Zippora is just going for gold...currently stocked by ASOS. !!]

*those who know me will gasp at this but... I actually prefer the sound byte in Avicii's song (levels) to Etta James' original (Something's Got a Hold Of Me).
 I know. I know. Such a philistine. BUT I love Etta!  And I used to sing some of her songs back in the days when I was a jazz singer, so yeah, the dark ages.

Also... my posts lately have all been 'fluffy' rather than topical and profound ("opinionated? Who me?")... but that's because I'm wading in the puddle side of my personality... on my blog...I'm still deep as an ocean in the physical world.  Until I see a shoe sale.  



Leia said...

I feel so dull! I'm sitting here wearing black and dull gold and looking at your bright, vibrant ensemble. And I am wasting my life being a housewife when I am desperate to work and get so many titles under my belt like you already have! Sigh. Can I just BE you? Pretty please?

Polka Princess said...

I like that blue & green together! Looks like you had a amazingly rejuvenating & fun-filled day...... :)

Tanvi said...

@LEIA My sentiments EXACT! ... I need a new life. Or may be just a LIFE!!!

I love the blue and green together. The last shot is my dose-of-dusk for the day :)

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