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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Wear my Heart...

So... I'm not big on Valentine's Day (read last year's post)... I'm big on celebrating love every day.  Really, truly, I'm not just saying that.  My husband and I really are citizens of mushville. BUT... get this... when faced with the choice to work on Valentine's night which meant I would be away from my husband aka love of my life... eeek!  I couldn't do it!
.. I was supposed to photograph a burlesque show... but I just could NOT be away from my Valentine.  Yeah.  I know right?  But what can I say?  When it comes to loving my love, forget the sleeve...I wear my heart on my dress...

Happy Lover's Day everyone.  every day.

Dress.  Obviously.  It's not retro but it's cute. |  vintage tights.  From an unopened packet.  Puh-lease. |  COCO LIBERACE necklace and bracelets | vintage earrings | mega heels


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Ah, good to see you cheerful and smiling my lovely. That necklace is divine but you are lovlier. xx

Tanvi said...

ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEE that dress and those HOT PINK shoes!!!! I read about your v-day-work schedule! Hope you get to spend more time with your Valentine at least over the weekend :)

We celebrated with flower & some ice cream at home ... while watching a TV SHOW about zoombies. Yeah, such romantics, right?!!?! :P

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Sam B said...

Loved the look. :) You look exceptionally cute...i love how you don't keep anything back when you pose, no pretension, so natural.

Vix said...

Good to see you in my blog reader! You look so freaking fabulous, I love those shoes and your beautiful face! Happy V Day, Dusk xxx