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Friday, February 10, 2012

Flame(nco) on...

I have a few performances coming up... I performed tonight and ohhh there is a thrill that comes from performing that just... lights your fire. You get to a point, in a zone, filled with duende*...where you could just dance forever**.

Flame on.

*duende means passion, spirit within, life force... and is the name of our Flamenco Troupe.

**all performers will know what I mean...

Make-up by Flormar Australia.

I don't usually wear heavy make-up but performance requires dramatic performance face!  I took these images around midnight and I hadn't touched up my face since the make-up was applied at 5pm!!  And after intense dancing which led to sweating!!  Sorry.  Glowing.


the Citizen Rosebud said...

Ah what chills you give me in the best way- the color, the pink and green and slice of lime with the great and graceful poses. Ah, this is life lived wisely but not frugally! Such a triumph of joy and spirit!

Tanvi said...

One day I am gonna see you do it LIVE! :) One ... day!

♡ from ©

Shruti Carol said...

Hot pink, Green, Black and you! me too would love to see you perform.


Polka Princess said...

I'd SO like to SEE you perform some day - you, ravishing lady, you!

Leia said...

Incredible - breathtaking - magnificent! I would also love to see you perform... maybe we can convince you to post a clip? ;)