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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vitamin Sea

A most essential supplement.

Alas Sydney has not been experiencing her 'normal' summer... so no steaming, sultry hot days and no sunshine!  And it's cold.  Egads. 

[this is a backdated post]


Tanvi said...

Those pats are soooo perfect for summer. Sitting in bed right now all in wraps I am craving a beach now :P

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Leia said...

Embarrassingly, the sea scares me! And so does the beach. I think it's all the creepy-crawlies and crabs and the "unknown." I'm sad to hear you haven't had a proper summer because I know how much you love sunshine, but maybe there'll be an "Indian summer" or something and lots of sunshine throughout the autumn/winter? OR you could just come and visit India, we've got plenty of sun to go around :) :)

Shruti Carol said...

You shouldn't on the beach side with a skin like that! Love the pants.. your outfit is so summery..Making me run to my pool.