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Friday, October 21, 2011

Sun In The Sky…you know how I feel…

Hola lovelies... I hope you are all well... How is your October?  Rock-tober or Shock-tober?? 
I'm having a great month but... I work hard at feeling good.  I make the choice to be happy.  Because it really does boil down to that.  Choice.  

(random order)

  •    Being in love. 
  •    A cold shower.   (hahahahaha!  NOT related!... cold showers are to stimulate metabolism and soothe adrenalin overload)
  •    Being told 'Lonely Planet' wants to publish your photographs.
  •    Having your photographs be used by professional performers.
  •    Capturing exactly the image you wanted to capture and it turns out to be better than you visualised.
  •    Visualising a goal and achieving it.
  •    Leaving for work late but getting there early because you got every single green light..
  •    A productive day
  •    Deciding not to feel guilt if the day wasn't as productive as I would have liked. 
  •    Giggling.
  •    Dancing
  •    Performing
  •    Listening to drums
  •    Playing drums (Taiko)
  •    The thought of getting back to Bikram Yoga! The heat, the sweat, the pain...LOVE it.  Miss it.
  •    Still having rock hard thighs despite not having exercised for close to a year due to adrenal fatigue.
  •    The beach.
  •    Hugging my children
  •    Being hugged by my mum
  •    My husband's cooking!  My mum's curries!
  •    Hearing your loved ones laughing
  •    Hearing a baby laughing
  •    Laughing so hard your face hurts.
  •    Laughing at yourself.
  •    Laughing for absolutely no reason at all.
  •    Telling a stranger that they're beautful
  •    Having a stranger tell you that you’re beautiful.
  •    Laughing at an inside joke.
  •    Laughing in my sleep (yes.  apparently I do)
  •    Waking up and realising you still have a few hours left to sleep.
  •    Waking up and seeing my husband smiling at me
  •    Making someone's day
  •    Seeing someone walk past wearing a piece of jewelry I made.
  •    Making new friends and just clicking
  •    Being able to support and love your friends
  •    Spending one on one time with your girlfriends.. a whole day spent lunching, laughing, talking.
  •    Completing a cryptic crossword in under 10 minutes.
  •    Being able to solve puzzles.
  •    Painting my nails different colours
  •    Buying gifts.
  •    Buying shoes!
  •    Wrapping gifts.
  •    Watching the sunset.
  •    The sun on my face.
  •     Getting out of bed every morning ready for another beautiful day... puts spring in your step...

What makes you feel good?
ps. I realise this may be all too feelgood for some but this is an exercise in positive doing. The choices I make.
pps. this is not a full list!  It's 3am and I'm just typing what comes to mind!


pavani reddy said...

awesome post dusk!!!n love the second pic...

Tanvi said...

OMG! We do think alike. That's my quote - Whenever someone cribs and whines I tell them "Happiness is a choice! Choose it!" :D

Needless to say, you look rock-tastic!!!!

♡ from ©

pavani reddy said...

ty soo much for being my 50th follower dusk..that was special for me.*hugs*

Polka Princess said...

Aaaaah! All those colors on you sure makes my day! :)

Glad to see you chose to write all that down at 3am.....proves that they really make you happy! :)) said...

I like this. It seems very happy.

You really pull off colors like no one else!

And I think you are beautiful! I was looking at your fb pics the other day and dang. you have got some stunning eyes!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I am reading this at almost 4 in the morning. Insomnia. And needing the reminder that there is choice to being happy.

LOVE you and your positive light.

xo. xthe Citizen Rosebud

Katherine said...

Love all the bright colors! Gorgeous :)

DeniseAngela said...

Hello there....I found your blog thru Citizen Rosebud & I like your style so I am now a follower. Love the electric blue & bright colours!

Joelyne TheSydneyGirl said...

love love love the pink and yellow together!!!!! You're awesome :)
XXX The Sydney Girl