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Monday, October 3, 2011

STILL waters... of the things that annoys me (and if I'm PMS-ing, that can become a loooong list) is when, upon learning that I'm in my forties, I get told "wow! You're STILL so attractive!".  STILL. Could there be anything else more condescending than STILL?
...the thing is... the person who says it is usually a young/younger girl and usually she has no idea how non sisterhood that STILL is.  She thinks she's paid you a compliment.  You think, "don't punch her, don't punch her".  When you're PMS-ing.

Otherwise... you laugh, say something cryptic and Boeing 747-ish (over her head), like "Still waters run deep (unlike you...)" and hope that one day she has the 'pleasure' of being handed such a compliment.

Attractiveness is the luxury of youth and the prerogative of age.  I do not yearn for my younger days.  As I have said before, we all age, NO ONE gets younger so why waste precious time worrying about the passing of it?  We should be burning like a perpetual flame and carpe-ing the hell out of diember! hehe.

I do believe we get better as we get older.  Truly believe not make my self believe.
I was 'lucky' because my mother had me in her thirties and my brother, late thirties and my mum was just so beautiful and capable and glamourous and sensual (yes as a child I was able to see this)and she took up new skills every year and that to me was just normal.  Women did this.  Got older youthfully NOT childishly.  NOT desperately.

...but that leads me to another topic... cosmetic surgery and the use of botox and all that... another post... next one... i promise.. back to what I was trying to say... at 13 I was looking forward to being in my forties.

What actually annoys me is the emphasis on attractiveness.  And yet it's a given because we are a visual species.  I am 'prouder' of the fact that I "still" have an insatiable curiosity, "still" want to learn new things ans "still" have my thirst for knowledge and even prouder of the fact that I now know that I know shit.  That's the luxury of age.  Knowing it all is the prerogative of youth.


Bhawna Kapoor said... words....simply LOVE u :*


Hi Sweetheart! You used to follow me on my 'Balkan Couture' blog. I have my own domain now and it would be lovely if you would be a part of one my readers again :).


Rahul Bhatia said...

Very well written and so true!

Taj Acosta said...

You never cease to amaze me ;) One of my fav posts! My mother too had me in her late 30's and I am quite in awe of it all ;) We have to stay curious don't we, and continue to dive deep in the waters. xo -Taj