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Friday, October 14, 2011

Bizarre Bazaar a most fabulous concept and I photographed it last night. I will add a link to the album later.  I will add more images here later so please do check back.
Bizarre Bazaar is a fairly new but already popular monthly event that is "springing up in lanes and empty spaces around the Sydney CBD"...
These steps lead down to a very cool laneway and are actually a work of art.  Of course I couldn't resist the chance to pose against them!

"Bizarre Bazaar showcases the unique talents of Sydney's talented fashion designers - both completely new to the industry or already established market stallholders" and is a clever marriage of entertainment shopping and discovery. 

Shoppers feel like they're discovering something rather bohemian smack bang in the concrete jungle.  It's all ultra-cool and threatens to border on hipsterville but is saved by the fact the designers and shoppers are an eclectic bunch, many in suits, and I met so many wonderful creative people...and saw a few I already know, including one of my darling friends, Zippora designer Karen.

If you're a new Sydney based designer looking for a showcase, this is an excellent platform to establish yourself.

I had no intention of buying anything... but intentions are weak when faced with a laser cut gold leather cuff from the same designer who made this and laser-cut cobalt blue suede wedges... more photos soon.


Style Sud-Est said...

What a perfect blog you have, going through Vix's list and found you!

Ariane xxxx

Tanvi said...

I would have posed in front of them too ... the colors just call you out! :)

♡ from ©

Shruti said...

Dusk, you are back! and banging. I missed your posts.
Looking at this pic is like seeing colors after a long while. You are rocking it. Totally!

Polka Princess said...

Those steps are super-cool! A perfect backdrop for our gorgeous Dusk, as vibrant as usual in all those colors!! :)

P.S.: Welcome back dear! We missed you! said...

Look! You got pics by those steps!!! whohoo!