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Sunday, September 18, 2011


...and a summary too! 
Hola lovelies!  How are you?  I'm great! I have the 'flu though which is very annoying because I don't have the time to recuperate and really, how dare it try to stop me?  hmph.

I am surprised actually because thanks to my cold-shower predilection and nettle tea addiction, I never get sick but obviously my body needs to build immunity so I will let it be and carry on doing what I do.  What's really weird is that I'm actually admitting this, that I'm sick, here, on my blog!  Stay tuned!  Next I'll be telling you that my tap is dripping!  Or I opened a milk carton!  This is exciting s**t!

Anyywayyy... what a glorious weekend we had in Sydney!  Twas Summer in Spring!  Saturday was spent performing then photographing... Spain by day, 'Paris At Night'... which was the name of the event I photographed.  Sunday was spent beachside... and oh wow, I really needed that rejuvenation time...
I'm having a deliciously busy September, very Spring-y... new energy, growth, 'trampoline' opportunities.  [Unfortunately this is keeping me away from the blogosphere.] 

I've been writing and photographing for The Sydney Fringe and photographing for 'Armchair Traveller' so I thought I'd share some images with you... to sum it all up.  I hope you are all well lovelies!  Please do share with me how your weekend was/is...


Me.  Performing.  (image taken by my beautiful husband.) 
Yes I'm 'flu-ey.

Me.  Performing.  J .  Image taken by me.  Of course.
Yes.  Still flu-ey.
Also... I don't usually do 'matchy-matchy' but this 70s chiffon-lurex ensemble simply has to be worn as is.  I'll mix it up later.

My beautiful friend Meagan.

Image taken by me.  I love my remote.

Briana Bluebell. Performing at 'Paris At Night'.

Sina King performing at The Ruby Revue

Dr Sketchy's at The Arthouse Hotel

Lauren LaRouge | 'Lost L'amour | Sydney FRinge

Images today... beachside...


Vix said...

For a woman in the throwes of flu you look pretty sensational to me!
You have so much fun with the most gorgeous of women. That pants suit is the bees knees and it's not mitch-matchy in the slightest, honest!
Get well soon, darling! xxx said...

Your posts always make me smile!

La Dama said...

I hope you do feel better soo you know we like to know all your shit. :)
You look gorgeous to me in that lurex dream outfit.
look at all those hermas ladies especially love Sina King chola dots on her cheeks.

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

You are GORGEOUS! Your style is so fierce and bold; very reminiscent of Carmen Miranda. =)