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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

March To The Beat of Your Own Taiko...

Taiko is the Japanese word for drum, any drum, but is also the artform of drumming.  It is also one of my passions.


The MOST awesome Taiko troupe ever! 
They also have a school and this is where I learn.  (or used to...)
If you're in Sydney and this interests you... click that link above.

Click the image below to take you to a video clip of the troupe performing.

I have more to say but as per usual, not enough time. 
This is a passion for so many reasons...and one of them is because it is deeply spiritual.

Another is that it's just damn sexy.

Wadaiko is is the Japanese name for both the act of drumming in a traditional Japanese style (of which there are many) or to the drums themselves. The name comes from the Japanese word for Japanese 'Wa' and 'Taiko', meaning  drum.

My friend (and sister Flamenco dancer), Sarah loves Taiko too and so when the chance came for her to do a workshop (one off workshops as opposed to term classes), I suggested we go!  And she loved it!  And I miss it. 
Time for me to get back to it... unfortunately I had to give it up due to work (new times cut in to my class times) and also because of my adrenal fatigue... which I still haven't fully explained have I?  Gosh I'm irritating.


Tanvi said...

Whenever I feel I know, I realize I don't ... how many hobbies and interests you have ... it is mind blowing!

love these pictures ... look like a ferocious, strong, bold warrior princess! :)

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pixelhazard said...

so multitalented. where do you find the time and can i have some?

Bright Green Laces

Leia said...

You have so many talents! Incredible!


Shruti said...

You look ferociously beautiful. It's amazing to know that you manage time between work and hobbies. I have a lot to learn from you.