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Friday, September 9, 2011

Fringe Dwellers

The Sydney Fringe Festival is up and running folks.  Let the good times roll. 
Click the image below to go to the official site. 

I'm interviewing/reviewing/photographing for The Fringe so haven't had time to blog for myself.  When I do have free time, the choice between blogging and family-time/sleep... well, there is no choice. 
(This post is backdated, I'm uploading 3 posts at 2am on Tuesday Sep 13th!  I have to be up in 5 hours!  egads!)

I attended the opening night media shindig with my partner in prime Meagan... interesting night... I love the concept of The Fringe and what it hopes to achieve and the performers are all amazing examples of their genre* but oh dear GAWD!  save me from the Hipsters and their earnest fakery.  I have more to say about this... but at a time when I'm not sleeptyping. 

*(I've been lucky enough to interview brilliant, avant-garde performers and review fantastic shows, I will link to all these soon)


Tanvi said...

That shot is soo effing AWESOME!!! :) And you know I am wearing pink and green together in my today's post as well ... only in reverse more ... but your Pink Pants are MUcH MucH cooler!!! :)

♡ from ©

L1L2 said...

like we always say, you are a rockstar! that shot with your hair in the air is perfect:)

La Dama said...

shake it Mamacita!
love all your brilliant shots.