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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fashion is Not My Style

I was described as being "fashionable" and although I accepted the 'compliment' (because it was a lovely well-meaning one), inside I bristled at that. 
I don't care about being fashionable.  Fashion bores me.  I don't salivate over designer labels and I don't need labels to validate me.  I don't follow trends yet I don't rebel for the sake of it.  That bores me too.  Rebels are such conformists. 

Do you care about being fashionable?


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

I prefer to be "stylish" rather than "Fashionable" and by stylish I mean showing my inner style in a creative way by dressing up in whatever takes my fancy that day.
Another word I can't stand is "Fashionista".....

Polka Princess said...

I don't think Fashion is always about what's in trend.....for me, Fashion is a representation of my style sensibilities in the way I dress.....I make or break my own Fashion........& so do YOU, my dear Dusk! :)

Love the colors you've put together in that first outfit......maybe I'll try out these shades in an outfit myself someday! See? I don't joke when I say that you never fail to inspire me... :))

Vix said...

Fashion has never interested me, I've never felt the need to slavishly follow what others determine to be fashionable.
I know what I like and what suits me regardless of whether it's in the shops or a magazine editoial.
Style is far more important and you've got it bucketloads! xxx

Terri said...

Fantastic use of color in that first pic.

sacramento said...

Your blog is popping find now.
What to say about your aoutfits and you, my dear Dusk...:pure inspiration!!!
Love u.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I'm kind of finding fashion trends a bit creepy actually. I don't like seeing lovely people succumbing to buying overpriced shit that they could easily live without. I know when one is a teen it is scary to go out on a limb but as an adult? No excuse to go your own way. I am always inspired by your wonderful way of twisting clothes to suit your mood - my kinda gal - mwah!! xoxo

UK said...

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UK said...

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Hippie Holly said...

So right, fashion is OK, I have nothing against being called fashionable, but being stylish is so much better. Love the colours and they way they've mixed so well in the first picture!

Tanvi said...

I care about not looking exactly like the next person on the road. Fashion not necessarily ... but I like standing apart :)

♡ from ©

Veshoevius said...

Such great looks - I especially love the speckly print blouse.
Maybe a more accurate compliment to give you would be that you are fashion forward.

"Rebels are such conformists" - tee hee - love this and agree totally! I do think you are a rebel in the true sense of the word by not giving a damn and in a funny way you are probably one of those people who will actually inspire new trends by being outside the sphere of fashion's influence. Ironic but that's the price of being truly original - people want to copy you! And that I think is how the cycle of fashion is born and reborn every season. People get bored, people look to the new thing and take inspiration from those who were probably always doing their own thing anyway and then it gets turned into a trend! And the cycle repeats ad naseum.

I fully own up to being a fashion lemming and I love tracking trends and what designers churn out each season and what Vogue editors are wearing like sport. I have to say I unashamedly enjoy it. I possibly even revel in the feeling of throwing myself off fashion lemming cliffs each season!

I don't design but love to vicariously indulge in the creativity of those who are talented enough to by observing and in some cases wearing their art. Other people like to don anoraks and spend all day spotting trains at stations on rainy days (i've seen them - they exist). Each to their own I say. It takes all folks with all their different passions to make the world go around.

Shruti said...

Fashion to me is my personal style. Need not be labels or something that everyone is doing. If I like it I do it.. You are so fierce in the first paragraph!! You blew my mind
On a completely diff note.. I was wondering what color is missing in the first pic. It's yellow. Just yellow! You are wearing almost all colors and still never look even close to tacky. U r a Diva!

Adam Rich said...

she looks ridiculous in these pictures.. and i mean ridiculously good! she looks like a model. … Fashion Trends

La Dama said...

I dont follow fashion ,but I am nosey and like to perv at different styles and creativity. like I am eyeing at all your fabuloso use of color schemes. I think fashion is about our own personal soul.