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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dear Winter...

Buh bye.

By the way... I'm being pestered to get on to Twitter. The idea of that... is not appealling. Mainly because brevity is not my forte and I hear there's a word limit?  Dude.  No.  My text messages are essays.  But I've been told that is sure to 'up' my follower ante but I'm not that fussed about it.  I'm not a good networker in this regard. 
I know my readership grows as fast as a turtle on valium swimming through molasses but I am always chuffed and humbled to see a new reader.

Anyway... we're done with winter down under, bring on Spring!  I've got a funderful September, covering and photographing lots of performances, performing too, friend's book launches and movie premieres and other things that I will share with you.

Blogger pals... I'm sorry I have been AWOLeaving a comment... I'm actually lurking and looking and liking!  Thank you for your visits and comments and 'lurkery'!  I will make my presence known as soon as I can.  Have a  Happy first day of the season, whatever season, everyone. 

All jewellery by COCO LIBERACE.


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

"Twitter?" -- Never heard of it!;-)
Seriously, I am not on twitter either. Blogging + life + day job takes up quite a bit of my time already. lol. How luscious you look in those jeans; the colour is pure joy. xxxx

La Dama said...

I am loving your exquisite spring pink colores, you make want to wear lots of pink.
I have a twitter was only while my links were down on my blog.

sacramento said...

In september we both meet and like. It just pleasant, not too hot for me or cold for you.
I use twitter, but I only twit through internet. it is nice to just say hello to somebody, and it doesn´t hurt.
I love, and keeping amongst my favourite frases: a turtle on valium swimming through molasses.
You are the best ans soooo stunning.

Vix said...

You're back!!!
Noone can rock coloured jeans like you can, they have got to be the pinkest pants in the freaking world.
I just don't get Twitter either. Blogging takes up so much time that if I spent anymore time on the internet I'd have no time for my real-life friends.
If you do it, I'll join you.
Lovely to see you back! xxxxxxxxxx

Veshoevius said...

So pretty in pink! I am on twitter and have less time for it - to get the best out of it I get the impression you need to be one of those people that has a workplace that allows you access to social media sites and turns a blind eye when you spend your workday on your twitter feed instead of working! And then you have to put up with people dishing out more rules and social etiquette about what you should be doing on twitter. I've not noticed an increase in readership due to twitter to be frank. I do however have some fun interactions with other bloggers who are on twitter and regularly visit my blog and it is nice for that - think of it like facebook updates or wall posts. It works a bit like that.

A Certain Vintage said...

and on the other side of the world, winter hello! your blog and style are lovely, i've been glancing through your other posts this evening and i love all the colour and energy in your pictures. You are obviously a talented dancer. What dance do you practise? I am a (very failed) ex-ballet dancer :)

RAW Fashion Magazine said...

Wicked love this fabulous color xx

Leia said...

Oooh! That bright pink is one of my favorite colors and mixed with black it is just spectacular!

Well, I'm happy to hear the weather's warming up for you, and I'm also happy that I'm ditching London right before the cold weather hits. Can't handle winter here!

About Twitter, it took me a while to jump on the bandwagon, but I love it. You *can* write longer updates if you want, but it becomes surprisingly easy (albeit often challenging) to keep updates to 140 characters, and if people can't they just send several messages, one after the other. I wouldn't say that it has helped me grow in terms of followers but I HAVE made deeper and stronger connections with the readers that I DO have - somehow I feel it is better than facebook for this - not sure why. I definitely think you should join!