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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What's Your Super Power?

Red and blue always conjures up images of super heroes...but [nerd alert] really, only 4 supers wore red and blue - Superman,Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Spiderman... but because the Big 2 wore these colours is why we associate these colours with superheroes.  Or is that just me? hmmm...
...and although popular belief is that the superheroes blue and red (and yellow, the primary colours) represent the colours of the US (because that's where they were drawn)... truth is the colours together represent unified opposites... yin yang... separate forces combined to create a super power...

What's your Super Power?
...mine is my ability to make people see their own potential... I'm a you-rror... J

It was uncanny that I wore these colours twice in a row!  I swear it was unintentional!
Regular/long term readers know or may know that I am nuts about colour therapy. And nuts fullstop.
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Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...


Polka Princess said...

Whether you're wearing the super colors (Blue & Red) or not, you are always a superhero(ine) in your own rights, my dear lady! :)

Bhawna Kapoor said...

how cute are you!!
And yes, you are a true example of the best of the human species, glad to know people like you exist!

No wonder Kiran very sweetly and strongly recommeneded me to follow ur blog!!

Love and respect!

Hippie Holly said...

Superrr cool! Hehe if I could pick a super power I'd pick being able to time travel. For now I'm happy being the girl with the funny stories and making people laugh :)

Leia said...

You certainly are a superhero! Superwoman I should think. And you look incredible.


La Dama said...

You are my super heroe amor. You look superior.
Buddy been trying to make me be wonder woman ,but I want to be a soap opera villain. Mu super power, I always spot the bad guy when no one else spots him.

Tanvi said...

That red skirt is majestic! Love these two colors together and love them more on you!

♡ from ©

Shruti said...

This color combo officially is for the super people! he he. You are a super woman lady. Look at the 1st pic!! Love it on you. Love the red skirt. AND your poise in all the pics.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

SO adorable. x hivenn

Helga! said...

You gorgeous minx!
I freakin' love blue and red,and if there's a bit of white as well-heavenly!