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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Night Out At The Museum (Jurassic Lounge)

I love museums and galleries at night! Not that I get a lot of chances to see them... so when the opportunity arises, you bet I'm there faster than you can say isawadinosaur!!!

Welcome to Jurassic Lounge.  Art always finds a way
... "art, music, new ideas... every Tuesday... at dusk..."  J

We went to the opening night last night and had a most fabulous time!  Jurassic Lounge is an excellent concept... a marriage of past actions and new ideas, art and science and entertainment! 
Every Tuesday night, from August 2nd to September 20th, the Australian Museum will  open its doors and beckon us to be beguiled!  To be nocturnal explorers... not just of their spectacular exhibitions and dinosaur skeletons and native animals and geological finds...but also to discover Sydney's hottest artists, performers and DJs!

 Jurassic Lounge puts the Muse back in to Museum!  Inspiring, fresh, exciting, witty, funky, cool, artistic, sexy and artistically sexy!

What a stimulating way to spend a Tuesday evening...a deliciously chilled  Moscato in hand, wondering from room to room, there's Karaoke on the top floor,  DJs everywhere, interesting, interested people and as we all congregate in the Atrium to witness performances by human Birds of Paradise, (burlesque style!), it all feels ever so wicked!  So... taboo... (in the theatre).

I was in love with the atmosphere!  It was all just so...alive, everyone was smiling, even the hipsters (J), not a blase, jaded soul in sight... except maybe for the lone artist painting in the middle of, well, everything but maybe that was his artistic schtick...
The Lord Mayor gave her speech after a cheeky introduction by a well-known burlesque artiste wielding a whip and it was fine, just fine.

You can see a full schedule of what's happening each Tuesday on the site... something new every week so if you intend to go every week, best to buy the fabulous season ticket, the Jurassic Addict Winter Pass ($49) which is incredible bang for your buck!  Otherwise it's $15 entry fee (includes one free drink and a copy of Time Out magazine) and you can buy tickets online or at the door. 

The most fabulous Lillian Starr

Sydney Lord Mayor, Clover Moore.


Vix said...

Wow, I almost long for winter seeing you in those drop-dead gorgeous boots and leopard clad thighs.
That sounds like an intruiging evening, I love dinosaurs and I've never been to a museum at night. That Moscato sounds delicious. x

Leia said...

It sounds like an incredible evening! I ADORE your outfit, too... the leopard print and the chains and the bright, bright red... fabulous!


NRC♥ said...

Love this. What a fun evening.

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La Dama said...

You alway go to the most wonderful events. moscato sounds lovely. big ass red shawl and leopard tights are gorgeous.

Harija said...

love your outfit and you look stunning!

Neat post - wanna follow each other?

Luke said...

Haha- I was SO far from blase or jaded! If it seemed otherwise it was just because I was trying to get a reasonable painting done in under 4 hours while there was a million cool things going on around me- quite a challenge :) Next time I'd love to do something that allows me to have more interaction so I can be more involved, so say hello and let me know how I'm doing.
Enjoyed the post! Luke