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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mellow Dramatic

There is a big difference between dramatic personality and drama queen.  I am the former.  Can't tolerate the latter.  I do occasionally get accused of being a drama queen... by people who get angered by my mellow reaction to their drama.  I just don't care.

This post wasn't prompted by recent incidents, merely by a compliment from a stranger... about how dramatic I looked today.  Tried to explain that I wasn't particularly dramatic (today).  Everyone else was mellow.  Anyway, my bitextual nature got stirred.  [Bitextual.  Can't write straight.]

How are you today?  And are you dramatic or a drama queen? 
Do you, when faced with a problem,
a) act like you're a Jedi Master about to face the Sith? 
b) act like you're Joan Crawford aiming for an Oscar?

shag coat (hehe. I said shag) *Jedi Master Shaak Ti t-shirt * jeans that are seriously bright and make the beige brigade  cringe, which makes me want to wear them everyday * zebra print boots * COCO LIBERACE studded leather cuff & crystal ball earrings.


Tashrin said...

I understand when your skirt flows and flutters about you but how do you make this coat fly???

Tanvi said...

Exactly!!! (same question as Tashrin!)

And about dramatic ... I am not nearly as vibrant and bold in my style choices as you are but more often than not I am the MOST dressed person in the room ... and most colorful too ... but I don't care either. I am living my day up ... don't know what others are doing :P

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Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Dusk, sorry to have been a stranger for so long!

You look fantastic. I love the shag coat.

I would say I am dramatic but calm in a crisis. Hope all's good with you xx

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Ah, vibrant, uniquely different and bold. You stand out my dear. Not only for your robes but also for your beauty and personality.xx

Terri said...

Crawford, here.

Polka Princess said...

Oh! I'm dramatic all right!! But just like you, can't stand the drama queens!!! ;)

Don't know about my style creating any drama anywhere....but my whole personality sure does! (According to people around me, am very expressive & passionate about whatever I, if that's not dramatic, then what is???)

And of course, I repeat Tashrin & Tanvi's the hell did you do it???? :O

Frocktasia said...

Dearest Dusk,
I can't stand drama queens & I just don't understand people that get off on making a mountain out of a molehill. I am very much for the drama without the hissy fits ;)
I love your amazing coat!
Take care love,

Karishma said...

Look at you! Such a dive. :D
And I completely agree about the dramatic personality bit.

La Dama said...

I am a Drama Queen Chola,when need be ,but calm surprisedly in crisis.So I am bit of both.
look at you and you zebra boots, love them. how do make your capa float like that?

here is my new blog link.

Vix said...

Such flamboyancy and elegance. I, too would love to know your secret.
I loathe drama queens, I'm not one for hysteria, airing my dirty linen in public or making a scene. My drama is all in the appearance, beneath this flashy exterior is the most zen woman you'll ever meet. x

Shruti said...

How do you manage to take such marvelous pics? I mean.. in this case how did you capture the flying coat??

I use the words 'drama/drama queen' a lot of times. Mostly b'coz to call someone or their reaction to certain situations 'dramatic' to me means offending them. I am not fond of both the types. I don't care what people think about me when I react, I just react. that's why it's called reaction.