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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Followship of The Blog

Hola my lovely blogger pals... just curious... what makes you decide to follow a blog?

For the record...I follow the blog because the blogger interests me, regardless of style.  I do not and never will follow a blog for reciprocal 'obligation'.  Or because it is expected of me.  Pffttt. 
A few times the "I'm following you, follow me?" comment has worked because the blogger interests me but generally... this type of comment makes me feel like cattle.  What annoys me is when the comment is made without any action.  Why lie? 
I do follow many bloggers who don't follow me and that's more than fine.  I do because I want to, not because I have to.  Likewise with the commenting.  It's wit and flair and a fearlessness combined with honesty that gets me.  I LOVE strong women who are not afraid to show their strengths and I love "just try and stop me" attitude and if you've got that in spades then you've got me!

I lost a few followers after my 'Why Do You Comment?' post, which I found rather amusing.  I'm always losing followers!  I don't seem to accumulate the follower numbers like most bloggers do... guess I'm just not interesting enough.... ...although my traffic stats tell me otherwise... which confuses me. 
Let me get this straight... I don't blog to not be seen.  I do care about my readers and my traffic and my non-blogger readers and am very grateful for all of you.  What's a blog without a followship? 

And also...I just discovered that I'm not actually following the blogs of some bloggers that I do like!  Bloggers who read my blog! eek.  Sorry!  I've rectified that now!

above: wearing vintage sweater & boots and a skirt I've had for yonks (offical term), last seen here
below: a purple sweater that makes me look very torso-long!
Both outfits, I'm wearing an awesome Coco LIberace coral leather & studs cuff.  (close-up pics soon)


Tanvi said...

It is hard to pin point what makes me follow a blog. It is often an instant connection ... with the matter, style, and/or writing ...

Sometimes ... I have found myself to like a blog which probably I didn't like, say few months back .. and vice-versa ... and i think I have told you this before ... I do un-follow blogs at times too ... there isn't a vendetta against them ... I just lose that connection and do not see the point of having them on my list. (also I am obsessed with un-cluttering my life) ... I think the same rules that applies while following blogs should apply while un-following blogs too!

Recently, I un-followed a blog 'coz I couldn't stand the blogger's narrow-minded and stubbornness. And the writing basically just annoyed the hell outta me. So why have such a blog in my life, right? Needless to say, soon after he/she un-followed my blog too. I say, fair enough! :)

You look FABULOUS!!! Your poses are right out of magazines!!! :)

♡ from ©

Penny Dreadful said...

The 'you follow me I follow you' thing can be pretty annoying. I read things because I like them and I hope that is the reason people read my blog too. The whole google follow thing isn't very accurate anyway, I follow lots of blogs that I just dump straight into my reader so my name probably doesn't show up.

La Dama said...

You took the words outta my mouth, i follow blogs because i like them too, regardless of style.the person, the soul of the blog amor.
I dont mind if others dont comment either.
I am loving your electrifying hair, your jumper is the cutest.

Vix said...

I follow blogs because they interest me. I don't have the time to discover new blogs myself so I click back and visit anyone who has commented on mine or has become a follower and if I like what I see I'll follow them.
Every couple of months I'll have a blog cull and if the blogs fail to captivate I'll stop following. I don't like my Google reader to become too full or I end up missing my favourite bloggers' latest posts.
I never follow because I'm asked to or because I want to enter a giveaway.
Whilst it must be fantastic to have thousands of followers, I think well thought out and intelligent comments from regular readers mean far more. x
PS Those wine boots are perfection on you, what a great fit.

sacramento said...

There are bloggers, like you, that have become friends more than contact in the blogosphere.
I am so honoured.

jos xx said...

i think the trick is to read alot of blogs and comment get followers a chance to know you, by experience i know that most people won't go on your blog if you don't make you the first move.

others might simply comment "nice pics" without even reading your article, which i find rather pathetic...what's the use of commenting if one is not even interested?

jos xx

beingdena said...

Hey lovely,

After a few weeks of not being able to read up on my favorite blogs I am here :) I just read your post on comments and I am SO happy you did that. I have been thinking of doing a post on it myself.

Some of the blogs considered top blogs as they are on different lists are clearly only there because of exactly the comment game, they visit all blogs, leave comments and get visitors that way. Most of them are pretty young and don't work so they have plenty of time to do that. Some of these blogs are not quality blogs, not their photos or content. I've realised that this is the truth of the blog world and I must accept that my favourite blogs which I think are amazing will never make it on those lists.

I always reply to comments I get, out of courtesy I visit their blog back. If I feel their content does not interest me at all I stop replying after a while. Some leave comments that are simply copy and pasted, those comments I don't reply to at all.

If you lose followers because of that post then those followers weren't worth keeping to start with. You have a lovely blog with quality content.

Dena x

The French Maid said...

Just found you today and was not only charmed by this post, but had a few minutes to backtrack your blog. I'm with you on the following thing...because I find someone interesting! I am your newest follower because I want to be, and plan on visiting often!
By the way, I LOVE the jewel tones in these two outfits! They are yummy!
--Lee Ann

Style, She Wrote said...

We follow because we like someone's personal style or concept as well. None of this "I follow you, you follow me" nonsense! xo style, she wrote

simple girl..... said...

dear lady .. i am not a blogger but read many of them including yours.. I keep coming back to the blogs because i want to, because i connect to them and so love reading them and be inspired by them .. love your poses .. and the nashila look in the first picture..

Shruti said...

I so.. get you when you say 'I don't seem to accumulate the follower numbers like most bloggers do'. That was one of my first observations when I visited your blog months ago. I figured that you are not into just 'accumulating' (I loved that word here!)followers. If you wanted you can and could have. Right?

I have nothing against 'following each other' concept. It is people's choice. If I like their blogs, I do follow.. and I guess everybody does that or have done that at some point or the other.

When I come to Australia please tell me how to look this great when I am 41 :)

Terri said...

Generally, I follow a blog if I sense a kindred spirit OR if there is something particularly interesting about a blogger. I began to follow you because I was interested both in your poses and the spiritual posts you were doing. There have been times I've sampled a blog for a month or so and quit following because somehow the fit wasn't right for me or I had lost interest. I'm not interested in blogs that try to sell me anything or simply duplicate pictures from fashion weeks.

Elle Enchanted said...

I actually lost a few followers in the last 3 weeks for the first time in a long while (I lost one months ago and it was my first and only one!), and I've stopped caring. I don't care about the numbers, and I don't compare myself to other blog numbers anymore. I'd rather have 50 people who I can say I've touched, than 1000 who don't know what I stand for. I love the first photo of you here, I'd love to see a shoot in action or to watch you dance- your movement is just so striking. I follow a blog because I love it. And if I find myself never clicking on a blogger from my dashboard anymore... I unfollow. I felt guilty, but I like to keep the number of blogs I read regularly to a manageable number of just the best (and visit the others only occasionally) because I don't have time to give everyone the time they deserve if I follow them!

beingFab said...

Your photographs are simply amazing...succinct and clear, just like your opinions :-) Its refreshing to see someone admit that they do care about the blog traffic though they do not feel obliged to comment as a return favor.

- Tessa said...

I don’t “follow” anyone only because I do not like to read blogs through blogger – I prefer viewing through IE. said...

My blogs are set up into 3 categories. Everyday blogs. Mostly fashion bloggers who I like the bloggers personality, and who's contact I only have via the web. You are quite obviously in this category. My second category are blogs I like, but I don't mind missing posts... prob. mostly picture blogs. These ones I don't take the effort to comment on their stuff, unless I want to. (I ALWAYS comment at least a couple times and if I don't get a reply, then I don't think they care for my comments...and I just follow, the stalker way.) Sometimes I will delete these blogs if I don't feel any connection to the blogger anymore... even if it is just their pictures don't interest me...
And lastly are the blogs I feel obligated to follow...which I like, but mainly follow to support them... (people I know in real life.)

Veshoevius said...

I am finding the whole following/commenting "obligation" pretty annoying - I do what I can in the commenting department but I have far less time these days and there is whole lot of "you're a bad blogger if you don't do x y z" I've seen on posts and forums to make me feel like I'm somehow lacking as blogging citizen and you know what - some of us have real lives to attend to and can't read/comment/reply to comments/follow back every blogger who comments/follows/asks or interacts. I really wish I did, but I don't. I'm glad you've spoken about this and the commenting thing honestly.

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

I follow the blogs I'm fond of.
I do not follow blogs that fail to captivate.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

I only follow blogs I like, never because I think I should. I don't read all the blogs I follow but I do read the ones on my blog roll but I've never unfollowed someone because I think that's mean xx