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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Princess Layer

I was stopped by a well known street style photographer yesterday/Saturday [alas not Lee J] and after taking my pics he asked me the usual questions for the usual blurb that accompanies the pics... what am I wearing?  What did I do that day?  (because we had met where a band was playing music we both liked)  what kind of music did I like?

And how would I describe my style?  ..............[cue. sfx: crickets chirping]............Dude.  Stumped. 

I really don't know how to describe my style.  Like my music taste and people tolerance (hehe), it's mood dependant. 

However... last year, my fabulous blogger friend Tanvivacious wrote this about me in her post about other bloggers styles;
"Her style is not for the faint-hearted. She wears her attitude and never confines herself to trends and/or the 'in' thing. ......

...What makes it stand out is how Dusk wears and layers it all. She can wear a poncho as a skirt [like in the above picture] and make it look from right-off-the-ramp-stuff! She would be the person whom you would wanna follow if you are into experimenting and individual fashion!"

Wow.  I was blown away, chuffed, floored by that!  Such a generous description and so right!  The "layers" part.  I do dress in layers.  Particularly in winter. 
Now the actual "(like in the above picture)" image Tanvi was referring to was from this post!  And it was all just serendipitous?  coincidental?  cool? that I'm wearing the same poncho-as-skirt!  And ear-muffs that could look like this and a star ring... so, you know? 

Totally Princess Layer.

So... do you know how to describe your style?  Tell me!

How was your weekend? 
I had a lovely one, on Saturday I met a friend for a 4hr brunch, shopped some sales (eek! but mostly op-shop ones...but something new too, I love all these End of Winter sales at the start of Winter...), got photographed, pondered lifes layers then spent the evening with my darlings.

2 long-sleeved scoop neck tops * 2, yes 2, pairs of high denier opaque tights * really deliciously cozy socks * vintage poncho as skirt * hooded pleather jacket * patent leather wedge boots * ear mufffs * pointy frame sunnies * other stuff * probably the kitchen sink too

I really do layer up in winter, many thin layers to 'trap' heat, a skiing trick.  I hate being cold, I would much rather be a hot... I thrive in hot weather.  Strange then, that for the last 2 months I have been having cold showers.  Not just lukewarm or cold.  Freezing cold showers.  No matter if I say "no, not today, I want to burn baby burn".  My hand turns the tap to cold.  Everytime.
Yes it's winter here.  And I am addicted to cold showers.
...I will share why in another post...

This is me today.  Boooooyawnringgggg.
We didn't do much, had a late lesiurely breakfast then off to watch my youngest's Rugby match (my husband coaches the team too) then back home... so pretty much wore what I would wear at home on a slow day.

I don't think I have ever shared my love of Rugby Union here.  I am a mad, crazy Rugby fan. 
I was also a Rugby journalist and once had a very popular Rugby blog.
I have been brought up with Rugby, the countries I lived in, my father's love for Rugby and boxing, I just love the game! 
(My children all play, my husband was a first grade player and now he coaches and in my dreams I want to be a Wallaby...)

This is a classic pose of frustration.  No need to pretend today.


Leia said...

I totally, totally agree with Tanvi's description of your style! So spot on.

It sounds like you had a great weekend - the perfect mix of fun and relaxation. I've had a nice one, too - yesterday was my laze about and be a vegetable day and today I was very productive - worked on redecorating my room, tidied, baked, prepared my piano lesson for tomorrow, and now that it's 10 pm I'm off to watch a movie :)

shooting star said...

i did read that post of tanvi's and came to your blog after that...and have been coming since..though dont comment here usually...
agree with her totally!!!!

as for me....i guess due to string affinity towards rock/heavy metal music and sports , also coupled with the fact that am a gemini by zodiac...i flutter between 4 major styles..rock chic, bohemian, sporty and traditional(but thats bocoz of my work profile!!)

♥ joei said...

I was just about to say that I love the skirt when I read that its a poncho! Cool ;)

Definitely, Maybe

Oh to Be a Muse said...

you have always been good with layers. and tanvi has a great way with words so i think she described your style so well. i wouldn't be able to describe myself at all really.

looking great as usual my luv!

La Dama said...

I totally agree with Tanvi's you wear your attitude and it shows amor. You remind of a sexy feline. My style is mix with vintage/new and Mexican too.

Terri said...

Congrats on the street-style pic! I always wonder how I would describe my style and I resist reducing it to a single word...why must there be a way to describe it?

My hubby is a great fan of cold showers and a yogi friend takes them...he can make the water steam!

Lipsy said...

Loved that Poncho...Super Cool!!

Visit me at

sacramento said...

Like you, I hope to be one and many.
You are a fabulous goddess and a true inspiration.

Tanvi said...

I meant it when I wrote and now everyone agrees. So we know I was right (haha!) ... That fabulous poncho again ... and also love the purple jacket!

My weekend was spent with parents. I always like to spend it the way we did when I was a kid ... and we did just that! :)

♥ from ©

Shruti said...

'Not for the faint hearted' ha ha!SO true and your style is what makes you so individualistic and sexy. I am a HUGE fan of your style and of course your poses.

I am loving your 'Rugby' style too.

Polka Princess said...

I think Tanvi did a pretty good job of describing your style......though personally I feel that your fabulous sense of style cannot be trapped into the mere boundaries of confining adjectives......all I can say is that you are an inspiration in yourself dear, a style diva who'll always be looked up to by us mere mortals! :)

P.S.: Your words are as spontaneous & wild as you......"probably the kitchen sink too"....hilarious! :P

Vix said...

Tanvi, as usual, is spot on. Princess Layer is genius knowing your love of Star Wars. I'd love to see you rock the Princess Leia hairdo!
The poncho skirt is an all-time favourite of mine, just spectacularly fabulous and gorgeous.
My style is Rolling Stones groupie meets Woodstock refugee. xxx

Elle Enchanted said...

Let me guess on the cold shower thing...helps keep your skin more moisturized? Also you look lovely in that poncho skirt and Tanvi was dead on! It's hard to thing of suingle words to define style though, especially when you have eclectic tastes, like I do. And haha I'm almost as passionate about soccer as you are about rugby! My dad watched it all the time when I was little and it's stuck with me! Also re: you comment on my blog- it was totally not a hurried comment at all to me- I love your comments Dusk, you always have something really interesting to add to the conversation and are so thoughtful. Thank you.

pixelhazard said...

I love layering and this photo is fab!

Bright Green Laces

Tashrin said...

To me your style is "Screw the world fashion order, I'm going to dress like I'm a walking piece of art and have a blast doing it!!!"

Your inspiring is to say the least, and those poses......I don't even know were to start on them.


Twitter - @ishrattrishna

Fourth Daughter said...

LOVE the skirt, I mean poncho... Anything that graphic is fine by me. But two layers?? Do you really need to wear so much in Sydney? Don't know how you'd cope down here! said...

You rock what you wear.