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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I don't think so.  I am so not a Winter person.  Actually no, that's not true... I love wearing layers.  I'm Princess Layer! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! I crack myself up.

Anyyywayyy... I love Winter for letting me wear the contents of my wardrobe all at once.  And I love Winter for the snow!  Specifically for skiing!  Otherwise... Winter is a misnomer.  Being cold sucks.

By the way... I am having some trouble commenting on many blogs.  Seemingly, the ones that don't have pop-up comment boxes.  Another blogger glitch.  Any ideas of how to 'cure' this? I have cleared my cache and I 'wash' my computer every night so... I am baffled by this.  I'm not the only one having this problem right?


Mon Jun 6th:
red sweater * ikat print palazzo pants * faux fur scarf * wedge ankle boots (plus 2 layers on top of this, obviously not photographed) * tights and socks and legwarmers!

Tue Jun 7th:
vintage jumper with red top inside * vintage pleated skirt * vintage belt * animal print wedge ankle boots that I didn't take off all winter last year but this year everyone is prowling so it won't appear on my feet as often * fingerless gloves * 2 layers of opaque tights because it didn't get above 10°C (50 ºF) today and layering tights has its advantages * sequin applique head thingie.

...and here's me skiing... forget Princess Layer... at the snow I'm an onion!!  Peel me and I cry!!

My youngest, my daughter, my darling et moi.
The other children were in their car behind us.  Alas, now that most of them are adults, have jobs, partners, etc, it's hard for us all to coordinate our ski holdays.  We can't always all go together.  We have always had friends accompany us and now childrens partners accompany us too but I am so grateful for all those years we spent skiing as a family... so much fun! 
My youngest started snowboarding when he was 5! (he's 15 now).  To think that in a few years time he'll be going by himself... sob!

In New Zealand!

In a blizzard!


Tanvi said...

You youngest gets the most mention on Social Media ... which shows how much you will miss him already, when he 'grows up' for real and leave your nest and fly solo.

I am so scared to ski. I tried it. Enjoyed it. But still scared!!

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Leia said...

LOL at princess layer!

I'm not a fan of winter at all. It is probably the #1 reason I can't spend the rest of my life in London. I ADORE that city, but the 11 months of cold, dreary days just really, really gets me down. However! If winter means you can wear those awesome leopard print wedges... there's got to be something good about it!

Your ski holidays sound like fun. I'm not sporty at all so I think I would just fall flat on my face!


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

But you look so gorgeous in layers!!! You know, you are the most glamourous skier I have EVER laid eyes on ... you should be kicking some serious Aspen ass in your snow gear you gorgeous woman!!!! Far out ... you should be on the front cover of some weekly mag with a splashy headline announcing "She's Arrived!" xoxoxoxoxo

Kent Johnson said...

Looking good, snow looks great!

Vintage Vixen said...

You look so fabulous in your cold weather clothes, I hate having to pileon the layers and cover up, it makes me so grumpy.
Skiing? You're a braver woman than I am!
When you log into Blogger untick the "remember me" box and you should be okay with leaving comments. xxx

gayatri said...

Winters I can tolerate, it's the rains that I hate. bleaky with no sunshine :( it's so very depressing.

Wonderful pics btw :)

siggysparkle said...

Oh I love skiing although I am the same and winter is my least favourite season.

I'm adoring the summer heat i am having at the moment but even at times I get sick of summer lol.

Great outfits - really like the one with the skirt - you looks so cute! :)

My little brother is also 15 (turning 16 soon)...sigh I remember him as a baby and it's weird to think of him starting to learn to drive in a few months!

Polka Princess said...

Oh! All that snow!!!!!! And am getting roasted at 40 degree celsius out here! :(

All the outfits are sooooo perfect for the season! Specially digging those palazzo pants!

P.S.: Your daughter is so pretty! :))

Shruti said...

Cute pic in the car! I have never tried ski. I am too scared I'll freeze to death and no one would find my body!! nyway.. You look great as usual. lol @ 'I am an onion, peel me off'

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

How I wish that
a. I was princess of layering.
b. I could ski.

But I love your line- at snow (for me, i would say in winters), I am an onion. Peel me and I will cry.

You are fab my Princess Layer.

La Dama said...

I love winter that way I can hide my fat. :)
love the secon outfit so ready for skiing amor.
how fun all your foto shoots?

TheAL said...

Love the skirt with the leopard print boots. Wonderful. I'll have to come up with something similar for next Winter. It's great to see Fall/Winter fashion when it's Summer over here (NYC). :)