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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why Do You Blog?

This is a very conservative look for me.  Anyway... I don't have anything to say.  Is that bad? 
...because I have been pondering all things blogging in recent times, I have had to ask myself, self, why do I blog?  I don't blog for myself, that's for sure.  I've never been a diary keeper.  I'll let you know the answer when I find it. 

Why do you blog?

19 comments: said...

I love it. lol

I like sharing my creativity with others.

I like writing.

I like having a reason to try new things.

I like showing off my makeup skills when most people in real life could care less.

I like meeting new bloggers!

You can blog for me. :) I don't mind if I am your reason. lol

Leia said...

Oh no, I wrote a long comment and I don't know if it went through... did it? :S

Leia said...

No, it doesn't look like it did. In a nutshell:

- love your outfit, conservative or not

- I blog to keep an online journal of my outfits, nail art, recipes etc. and to share them with others because people I know in real life couldn't care less

- Also love the community aspect of blogging and getting to know other people!

- Can't also complain about advertising & freebies

And that's why I blog!

Tanvi said...

I blog 'coz I am addicted to it now ... and I am addicted to the communication ... and when I do not know whom to talk about some topics ... I choose to blog about them ... :) That skirt and hat --- LOVEE :) ♥

♥ from ©

Vivek Nanda said...
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Vivek Nanda said...

I blog bcoz I love to share what I think. In the process it ignites communication with other people, as a result new friends and new ideas evolve....Blissful !!

Moreover, I'm addicted to blogging now :)

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

I love to blog. Its been my fav. passtime!!!
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Hippie Holly said...

Conservative or not I love how this look looks on you! Ah why we blog??? Well, I blog to document a slice of my life and have something to look back on when I am 90 and half way senile :) It will be nice to see how I dressed in my 20s.

Tashrin said...

I blog because I want to create a journal for myself to look back on when I'm old and wrinkled. :) The fun times I've spent, the places I've been to and such.

I think the outfit looks striking, love the green and those shoes. :)


Twitter - @ishrattrishna

siggysparkle said...

I actually quite like that outfit!

I blog because I love to write - it's carthatic to me and somewehere it's kinda nice to share a part of you with someone out there without any expectations :)

Shruti said...

You look amazing when you are smiling that broad. You should do that often ;)

I blog because it keeps me from the regular, boring, working (all the time) life. As of now, that's the sole reason. I blog for myself. I post rarely as and when time permits.

sacramento said...

I blog to streach myself through all the soul mates, like you, I found in the blogosphere.

gayatri said...

I blog in order to check if I am making any progress in my craft :)

Tuesday said...

I blog whenever I feel like it, whenever there's interesting things to post or say. I used to worry about my readers but then I said to myself, I write because I love doing so and I DON'T apologize if I'm missing in action, it's none of their business hahaha!

The white cabbage said...

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La Dama said...

I adorar your electrifying hair poses amor, your such a cabaret classy lady.

La Dama said...

I blog to inform others souls, plus I love that I have came across so much amor and inspiration in all my fellow fabulosa bloggers.

Terri said...

Ha, your conservative would be my bold!

I blog to experiment with style. I need girlfriends to tell me what works and what doesn't.

Veshoevius said...

I love this look - love that shade of forest green and the pleated skirt is lovely - I like the clashing animal print accessories - seriously coveting that leopard trilby!!

I blog because its fun - I like writing and I like creating images. It does seem vain and purile at times when you think too hard about it but I think the whole blogging movement is just a revolution of sorts to reclaim a sense of independent thought instead of being dictated to by the powers that be. First it was a reaction to the selected viewpoint of the news that was fed to us by the media, and then it evolved to fashion when a whole lot of creative people interested in the art of dress got fed up of having style rules dictated to them by people in ivory towers with more advertising revenue than fashion sense! So think of yourself as a revolutionary!