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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Poles Apart...

...what you [may] think poledancing is and what it really is...   Pole dancing is a misnomer.  It is a sport that requires significant strength, flexibility and endurance, combining dance and acrobatics. 

I will add/update this post later... a few things... I was at the Asia Pacific Pole Dance Championships as the official eye for my most fabulous friend Meagan.
...and nothing has toned and strengthened me like Acropole (alas I had to give it up due to my adrenal fatigue)... and being able to hang upside down mid-air using just the crook of my knee hooked around the pole is a very scaryamazing feeling... poledancing is very similar to Mallakhamb... by the way, beach volleyball players wear less clothes for no significant reason.  Poledancers use their skin as extra moisturisers allowed!

I am very confused as to why there is [still] a stigma attached to poledancing.  Hence the title... what strippers do and what poledancers do are poles apart.

Anyywayyy... will update later... the pics of me were taken very late so I was sleepshooting...


Professional eye!

The overall winner (below)

Mens division winner (below)

It was a beautiful Sydney night.

Event was held at the Big Top at Sydney's famous Luna Park.


Lee Oliveira said...

Love the sleepshotting.. again.. your poses are fabulous.
lee x

Polka Princess said...

Wow! Those dancers are so fabulous with those poles! Am impressed!!

And black on black never looked so gorgeous before.....& that multi-colored thingie??? Cherry on the cake! :)

Leia said...

Wow, these shots are incredible! I've always wanted to go to a poledancing class. It seems like such fun and such a great workout!


La Dama said...

I love watching Burlesque dancers these pole dancers are so cool.
most of all I am admiring your wonder woman belt, me loves it. said...

I LOVE LOVELOVE these shots! SOOO awesome!

SO I just have to ask...did you see the pole dancer on America's got talent? If not you should look him up. It was quite obvious to me he had technical training, and although his dancing seemed somewhat sexual, it was still very entertaining and very beautiful as well... I think anyways...