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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lovely Tights

Oh yes I did.  I wore these 'lurve macheen' tights twice in one week.
Don't turn your nose up, I did wash them in between wears. Sheesh. 
...but I know right?!  I, who very rarely photographs the same item twice in one year...wore a very distinctive pair of tights, twice in one week!  What does it all mean??

I really love these tights.


Sorry for this very light and pointless post [a propost of nothing!!]. 

I've had a busy week but really... I just haven't felt like blogging.  I have visited favourite blogs but haven't felt like having my presence seen.  Containing my energy.  You may roll your eyes.  Done?  Good.  Come back.  Gimme some love.

My hair!  It's making me giggle!  I have antenna!!  Question is... do I look like an insect or a television!

Ahhh... the weirdest thing... I'm wearing a suede dress here, a dress I have had for 20 years... it's short.  Shorter than Scott Schumann short.  But with more substance.
Oh... have I ever mentioned I cannot stand 'The Sartorialist'?  The blog is an exercise in pomposity.
["pot. kettle. black."  "who said that??"]
I outlined here why I am not a fan and uncannily...that post was all heart too!

Anyway.  I digress. This dress.  It's short.
I felt a bit... hmm... mutton... so weird!  I used to wear this dress without tights!  And without doing a 'Britney'. 

BUT... I find it weird that I am thinking this way. 
This post is a week late and backdated and I'm too tired right now to properly form an opinion post about this but I am shocked that I think I may now be a bit old for something.  No, not comics nor Star Wars memorabilia.  Mini skirts.  Okay.  Micro mini skirts.

Dammit.  Turns out I do have a conservative bone in my body.  Must find that bastard and break it.  I don't like clothing wearing rules.