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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Leopard and Her Spots

I had mentioned in a previous post that I actually hesitated before putting on a mini dress and I was taken aback at my own thoughts.  I didn't think I was the type to care about such things as age appropriate clothing.  But that's a lie. 
...pre teen girls wearing thigh high black boots?  I have a problem with that.  And oh I've seen it.

I'm uploading this [backdated post] at an ungodly hour and I've had two really weird experiences today that have left me a bit befuddled.  I got hacked -despite having every protective program known to humankind- and I got emotionally ambushed.  Still reeling from that.  Lessons to be learnt here.

Anyway... I seem to have lost my ability to articulate.  There is a point to this post and I can't make it.  Have a read of this and tell me what you think.  This is truly appalling and I just want to know, who the hell did these people poll?  How do you feel?  Do you think there is a cut-off date for women and their wardrobes?

There is some serious breathing in going on here. hahahahahahaha!!

Should I, a woman of the ripe over the hill age of 41 not be wearing thigh high socks and tight dresses?  Will I know when it's 'time' to stop?  Is there such a thing?  A time to stop?  I hope not.   Will I stop dressing the way I do when I hit a certain age, say 50? Or will it be, for me, vanity based?  What about you?  Isn't it bad enough that we supposedly need to dress a certain way to prove our feminiust integrity we've also got to conform to ageist rules??

I suppose i could cite some celebrities as examples of 'older' women refusing to dress their age (whatever the hell that is) but... celebrities are not the real deal.  They actually have no excuse, with everything at their disposal and their currency being their looks.  I get a bigger thrill from my blogger stars... all you fabulous woman over 40... will you change your spots?


Vivek Nanda said...

Wow...Look at you...what a dress, what a perfectly toned body...You Rock !!

Tanvi said...

You know i just realized ... while I might beat the drum about how everyone should wear and dress how so ever they want ... but I will NEVER say that to my MOM! I have a set picture in my mind who she should dress and what she should wear. Of course she doesn't listen to me all the time ... but that doesn't mean I do not tell her. [And trust me she returns the favor while I dress too :P] ... So I guess ... that makes me contradictory and may be even a hypocrite. So I learnt something bad about myself today! :(

♡ from ©

Tanvi said...
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Polka Princess said...

I think you look fabulous in whatever you wear.......& rock every outfit in a more glamorous way than any 20-year old can!!! And we all look forward to seeing more of our stylish & dishy Dusk in the years to come! Whoever thinks otherwise can go F*** themselves!! ;) said...

I like to think I will dress differently when I am older, since I like to imagine I will have more money to buy fancier clothes... lol

But dress however you want my dear. :)You definitely pull off the short black dress with the tights.

I think the biggest argument with not dressing your age is how much skin one shows. Whether young or old.

Vintage Vixen said...

You look freaking fabulous, as you do in everything you wear. You're right, I've seen more pre-teens in inappropriate clothing (crop tops, high heels, slogan tees) than the "more mature lady".
Tha Daily Wail is the biggest pile of crap ever, it churns out that pathetic article year in and year out, it's the only way it thinks it can get a modicum of interest in the rag it dares call news.
I shall continue dressing how I want to for as long as I can and I sincerely hope you'll join me. xxx

Leia said...

As long as you look fantastic and feel confident, you're not too old to wear anything! Those thigh high socks are sexayyyyy. And you t-o-t-a-l-l-y pull them off.


Tanvi said...

P.S. During my long rant, I forgot to mention how fabulous you look and those knee high socks with the bow? are soo cute! :)

♡ from ©

Briane P said...

You managed to pull off the look, so I say go for it. Wear what you want.

sacramento said...

All I can say is that you are magical, and you look it.

Shruti said...

You are the only Fashion blogger I know who isn't afraid or hesitant to wear what you like. I don't think you even have to..because with the confidence you carry you can pull off anything on your skin! I have to accept that I belong to that group of people who think it's essential to dress one's age (read with grace) but I have said it before and I 'll say it again, it might take 10+ years for you to look your age. You are simply awesome :)

siggysparkle said...

I love it. And don't apologize for your fashion EVER. Fashion is about confidence and you have that by the bucketful! So don't worry about these so-called rules - keep true to yourself and you will always be fabulous :)

I'm envious of those thigh-highs. Man I wish I wasn't a 5 foot something shrimp and could pull that off! :D