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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Don't Colour Block.

So, 2 days in a row, I wore vintage pleated skirts.  But that's not the issue here..  

Colour-blocking is.  I don't colour-block.  I have always worn colour. 
...and while we're at it... what the hell kind of term is colour-blocking anyway??  'Blocks' of colour the style may be but colour blocking sounds to me like you're blocking colour out... if I'm blocking a punch, that could be called punch-blocking, right?  (It isn't*) So what does that sound like to you?  That I'm blocking the punches and not getting hit or taking them all, 'wearing' them and getting my ass kicked?? 

Do you see what I'm saying here??  ......  What's that?  Oh.  Not important you say?  Yes, well, you're right.  I'm just saying... because if colour blocking is a current trend then how I'm seeing it on the streets of Sydney is how the term sounds to me.  An absence of colour. 

In the uber [eek. buzzword. somebody shoot me now. preferably with a camera...] trendy space I work in, surrounded by designers and creative types and well-known bloggers, including a street style photographer who thinks she's Blog's gift to humankind (so no, not me), I am the only one that wears colour.  The others all colour block.

There was a point to this post.


Franca said...

hehe, I had never thought of it that way! I am also a massive colour lover and always have been, and it's always a bit weird when colour blokcing (or non-colour blocking!) comes back into fashion and people go 'oh, you're wearing this trend really well'. Thats because for me its not a trend, its a wardrobe philosphy.

Ok, now I sound really pretentious. Sorry!

Vintage Vixen said...

You are the queen of colour, Dusk, and no trendy buzzword can sum up your brilliance with the technique of using colour to brighten up our existences.
I'd never have imagined you in a pleated skirt but it does look fabulous. xxx

Oh to Be a Muse said...

i think that was wonderfully written. and i've been following your blog long enough to know that you have definitely always been one for color.

oh, and your blog doesn't bother me at all. all of your color is in your photos--in your outfits, which is exactly where it should be. your blog layout is clean and i enjoy it! :)

makeupandjeans.com said...

You are so funny.

I think the term is funny too, for what it is trying to describe...

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

I can't stand ther term "Colour blocking" -- In the Caribbean wearing several colours together is not a trend. Am now wondering why this is suddenly "Trendy"....

Am sure it's the same in India - people wear colours with colours and they dont have time to call it "Colour blocking" -- it's a culture thing.

Colour suits you well and you pleated skirt is such a Darling;-)

the nyanzi report said...

great colour mix here and lovely pictures.

annimal said...

So true! As in cock blocked, it means none! You are a peacock rainbow who transcends trends and narrow minded descriptions, thanks for sharing that!

Taj Acosta said...

I love color too, is color a trend these days? lol. ahh fashion and its ever changing rules and regulations, its varying "stylish" burgouise elitist. I digress. You look smashing doll! xo

Ninjagaiden78 said...

Ooohhh you know how to wear colors.
You look fantastic!!!!


dina vanessa mercado said...

hi! i was confused with the term too but i googled it and found this

Color Blocking
Definition: Merchandising and/or cutting term, whereby a certain stripe or block of color ends up in the same place every time on the finish garment. "

anyway, i love your blog! i enjoyed browsing thru your pages.i'm a new follower! hope you'll follow back.no pressure though..kisses!


Lee Oliveira said...

I like to use the colour blocking..
A lot of girls use this term because their entire winter was black, black and more black!!
However.. you in colours is fabulous
lee x

sacramento said...

Colour is in your soul, never mind the trend, my dear Dusk.

simple girl..... said...

hmm... lot of color blocking in your surroundings.. but you look fab in those colorful outfits..

Polka Princess said...

You sure hit the nail home Dusk dear! Point noted! :)

But trend or no trend........colors on you = Fabulous!!!

siggysparkle said...

lol you were trendy before the trend caught on....love the colour - i need some more in my life :)

Melbourne is very typically 'colour-blocked' - come winter and we all retreat into our comforting black...

Shruti said...

You look like a doll in the 2nd pic.

U r the funniest. I read the title and scrolled down and I cracked up.. :)

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