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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hearts and Crafts

So the world didn't end*. Which was nice because I had a lot of things planned for the weekend. This is a short and pointless post because I'm rushing [yet again].

Had a most marvellous night at The Victoria Room.  One of my favourite places in Sydney!  High Tea is superb there as well as dinner and 12am post theatre suppers!  Sunday Night is Performance Carnival time, where performance artists enchant with their crafts... a very magical evening.  [I will post images later]

I took these images in the morning before I went to work (I worked all weekend, we were short staffed) and when I quickly looked at them on my camera, I was "oh. no. Not wearing that.". 
I changed into opaque tights and wedge ankle boots but didn't have time to reshoot hence the sligfhtly mutton/lamb vibe going on here... 

The girls at work thought my pale pink heart print short culottes were "oh so cute".  My darling husband and my best friend, being men, asked why I went out in my pyjama pants.  Sigh. 

Click the above pic to see a close-up of the print. 
Also, you can see my skin hasn't completely recovered from the symptoms of my adrenal fatigue
I really really should explain what this is about and how it came about and how I believe we all suffer from some level of adrenal fatigue becaise of the go go go nature of the world. 
I'll put that in my 'Issues I Must Write About On My Blog But I Won't Because For Some Reason I Don't but I Really Will Soon' basket. 

*This is a backdated post.  Writing it in a rush on Wednesday 25th!  I don't know how you all do this, blog and have a life.  Unfortunately for me, those two are mutually exclusive.  I appreciate your patience readers!  Anyway regarding 'The Rapture'... I'd like you to read this post... the blogger is a most exquisite being, the way she writes and expresses her self...  Sigh.


Leia said...

I love those heart shorts! I don't think you needed opaque tights with them. And men will never understand! :P I will definitely check out that post regarding the rapture (or lack thereof?). Have a lovely day my dear friend. It's pouring with rain here, I think the monsoon is well and truly underway (you know what that means: mangos! Yay).


Oh to Be a Muse said...

i do love the heart print shorts, but your boots and top are killer!

frenchleaveblog said...

Wow! Love this look!

NS said...

Love your approach to the blog. Go, girl!