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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Geisha Mermaid

Another gorgeous gift from the beyond fabulous Sarah!
This colour of this skirt is absolutely divine and the cut... absolutely unforgiving!  Breathing and striding were not options.  Hence the title.

I had the most wonderful evening.  With my 3 closest friends.  Gosh.  It's hard to describe what these 3 mean to me.  I have described them as soul siblings.  That will do. 
...I also love that my 3 closest friends get on with and very much like each other, at first i was the glue and then they bonded and we actually do things as a 'group'... like ABBA.  Except we're all dark-haired.  And we all look forward at the same time.

...confession time... I actually took this image the day before I actually wore it.  I knew I wouldn't have time to take pics on Saturday so when i was deciding what i was going to wear, I thought "hmmm, might as well take pics now"... I didn't end up wearing these shoes nor the earrings.  Nor the sunglasses.  Although we did spend a dazzling, most glamorous evening.