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Saturday, May 7, 2011


We wear many. 

Speaking of faces...  Recently noticed that I lost 2 followers/readers.
Oh well, win some, lose some right?  I do have to admit that a teeny weeney eeney...ney... part of me is a little confused as to why.
Surely, surely, it couldn't be because I'm a 41yo Star wars nerd?

I consider myself someone who doesn't give a damn what others think of me and that is a truism, I have lived my life according to my rules and I have not wasted time dwelling on why someone may not like me (their problem) ...but... losing readers does make you stop and think about why you've lost them... there is always room for improvement... I can't change my face but I can change my expression.


My husband, father-n-law, mother and I spent the day lazing in the sun, by the water.  Bliss. 
Hope you all have a blissful day too.

Um... I actually had no idea I had 2 watches on until I saw this pic!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ssssssnakeskin boots I have had for 12 years.


Misfits Vintage said...

Where you lead, I will follow
Anywhere, that you tell me to
If you need, you need me to be with you
I will follow - oh oh oh!!!

You are as beautiful as always and MORE hot pink - yes please! Gorgeous boots. Gorgeous everything.

Sarah xxx

Leia said...

I second Sarah's song ;)

Dusk dearest, I don't think you have done anything wrong. I have learned that sadly, some people just 'follow' our blogs hoping that we 'follow' them back. They have no interest in reading the blog and probably have never read it - they just click on as many blogs as they can and 'follow,' 'follow,' 'follow.' When they notice that you haven't reciprocated, they 'unfollow.'

You are and have always been absolutely incredible. If these people had actually read your blog, there's no way they wouldn't become instantly hooked and stick around forever!


Tanvi said...

I agree with Leia ... those people must be the ones you do things only when they get something back! You how ever will ALWAYS be on my list! ALWAYS! :) You look wonderful in these pictures! Simply wonderful!

♡ from ©

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Trust me, you are doing nothing wrong. Your blog, images and spirit are inspirational and beautiful! Perhaps they switched to an RSS feed or bloglovin' and just quit the Google. Who knows? I try not to care either but one day when I lost 2 in a single day, it just ate at me. But nothing we can do about those who don't read us, only engage with those who do.

YOU look amazing. HOT in pink and I for one, can not get enough of my Dusk Zone!