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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ban Live Export Petition!

Before I launch in to whatever trivial issue my next post post is about, I would like you to view this link and if you have been affected by this, please sign the link, even if you are not Australian. 

WARNING. The footage is extremely graphic and horrible.  It's about a story that aired on Monday night AEST on current affairs program Four Corners.  We all cried watching this.  My father-in-law, my husband, my mother, my children, me. Stunned at the cruelty of humans.

The story "showed graphic footage provided by Animals Australia and RSPCA that shows Australian cattle being mistreated in Indonesian slaughterhouses."  I am warning you it is horrific.  It is bad enough that we slaughter each other in the name of progress and religion or just because we can... the slaughter of such beautiful animals... it is monstrous.

I am Hindu so I don't eat beef but I do eat other meat.  I will do as a friend said on my facebook link, "...
every time I eat meat now I say a prayer of thanks & hope the animal that died will be reborn to a better life form.It makes me more grateful with my food too."

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