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Friday, April 8, 2011

You Stylish Blogger You!

Yep.  That's right. You.  And in this bodacious uberbabe's opinion... me! 

Meet Mulika.  Many of you may already know her.  This feeeyurce Woman awarded me the 'Stylish Blogger Award' and I am just chuffed, chuffed I tell ya. 
As I have said before, not only is award-tagging a great way to spread the word about other blogs, it's really wonderful and humbling to be acknowledged by your peers, particularly those that you respect and greatly admire.*

I have recently discovered Mulika, she left a most wonderful comment on a recent post and intrigued, I followed her back to her 'Capacious Bottega' full of life.  And now I'm a fan for life.  I love her attitude, her brilliant mind, her style, her style of writing, her grrr body and beautiful, regal face and her awesome shoe collection!!  Woman has my kind of ishoes... J...
Thank you Mulika.  I am humbled.  And chuffed.  Did I mention chuffed?

So without any more ado, let the show and tell begin...

1) Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award. [Done]
2) Share 7 things about yourself. [hmmm... have done this in other award posts but okay, after the jump...]
3) Award 10 recently discovered great bloggers[for sure! after the jump]
4) Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award. [will do]

[All links, except the last one, will open in a new window. If you don't want to have a squajillion open windows, right click the link and open in a new tab]

So... 7 things about myself... hmmm... well... okay... but if you're curious, here are my previous answers;

1) I'm right handed but wear my watch on my right wrist.  It doesn't make sense to me that a watch should be worn on the opposite side of the hand I use the most.

2) Ever since I received my first 'grown-up' watch (it was this J) at 10 ... I have set my time 30mins ahead... just so I can be 30mins in the future.  It got to a point where I could not read any clock 'normally' so 7 years ago, at 34... I wound back my clock and retrained my brain.
...funnily enough, being 30mins in the future didn't guarantee punctuality. 

3) I cannot wear one solid colour on my finger and toe nails. It makes me feel 'itchy'.  I may be a bit OCD-ish in that regard. But in the opposite way.

4) I am totally anti-drugs.  However I believe that marijuana should be legalised.  And therefore demystified.

5) I am most certain I won't ever get cosmetic surgery. Not just for the noble reasons.  (regular readers know how I feel about getting older) but because... I'm vain.  Let me know if I need to explain this.

6) My father was a Mensa brain.  He taught me to speed read and utilise both sides of my brain as needed.  Do you know that spinning dancer?  Very easy way to make her move to your tune.  Yes it is an illusion but you can control what you see. This simple 'trick' helps you focus and 'open' the files in your memory.  Let me know if you would like to know.

7) I'm actually rather shy.  And I saw a pig fly yesterday... well okay... it had wings...

Now.... the bloggers I am passing this award to... again... it's difficult to choose but criteria is "recently discovered".  Define "recently"... yesterday, last week, last month, 6 months ago??

In no particular order... these women are MOST STYLISH BLOGGERS... not just in mode but in manner too.  Very inspiring.

1) Misfits Vintage - not newly discovered but I LOVE her and am biased. With good reason.
2) Gangster Pixie - kooky and fierce and sweet and sassy
3) Mis Papelicos - regal and wise and an inspiration
4) Pull Your Socks Up - ecentric and delightful and stylistically brilliant
5) Annimal House - fiesty and fabulous and stylistically fearless
6) Polka Princess - the sweetest smile and sunshine personality
7) Beautifully Invisible - her words are beautifully visual
8) Style Fiesta - so pretty and talented
9) Anika - a gorgeous, clever self-worth activist.
10) Citizen Rosebud - girlie and kickass and compassionate and fiery

Lovely Women... I hope you accept this award in the Spirit of Style.  Click on the award [up there, it will open in new window], save it and pass it on to those that inspire you. 

By the way... as you can see I don't actually feature any awards on my blog sidebar although I have received many (*cough* obviously not for modesty...) and... I haven't actually post-featured them all... eek!... I realise that those who chose to award me those, um, awards may think me rude for not acknowledging their generosity and goodwill! 

Please know that I accept and treat these awards with the grace they were given and with great humility, appreciation and respect. I will seek and find and get around to acknowledging the awards I haven't featured and passed forward but please award not feel insulted that I choose not to feature your gracious awards publicly and permanently.  It's just not who I am. gave me your awards me for being who I am... so who am I to change that?


*That may sound rather elitist and arrogant but.. how do i put this delicately and politically correctly without offending anyone?  Oh.  I can't.

If I don't respect and admire you, your opinion of me does not matter to me.  End of story.


the Citizen Rosebud said...

This is my favorite award post ever. Because it reflects you. I have had mixed feelings about the awards, the displaying of them the viral nature of them, but I do feel honored when I've received them especially from someone I admire. AND to see me in such AMAZING company on your awards list- I think that is the biggest prize of all. Thank you so much! -Bella Q
the Citizen Rosebud

Polka Princess said...

OMG!!! You don't know how touched, humbled & atrociously excited I am to get this award!!!!!! You've just made my day lady! I mean, that's what happens when someone uber-stylish calls you a "stylish blogger"....right??? :))

Vivek Nanda said...

You are indeed very stylish mate, cheers :)

Helga! said...

HOT,hot wench you!
Cheers for the heads up on some new blogs to check out!!!

Elle said...

Your pictures always seem so alive Dusk- exuding your grace and beauty in so many ways- I love the ones featured here. And yayy awards! (well deserved I must say!)

stanimalandannimal said...

I'm all over this award, what a wonderful way to honor and share with those who make our days brighter!! Thank you beautiful lady, you are so inspiring!!!

Cinderella said...

Love your lip color in the last pic and the silk skirt!

You're gorgeous Dusk. But you already know that.

Misfits Vintage said...

Bloody hell. Will you marry me? Say yes.

Your pics are AMAZING, as always. A million thank yous for the award. I am honoured and chuffed myself.

Thank you for the links - I'm off to make new blog friends now!

Sarah xxx

Tanvi said...

You have so many facets and all of them are so fascinating. It has been a year and I still do not know enough about you! You keep is exciting ... Love all the poses and the multi-colored nails :)

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♡ from ©

bollywoodstylediaries said...

Ok, I looked at the spinning dancer and cant change her direction. You have to tell me how to do it or I will lose my mind!!!

You are one stylish person becoz you truly believe in yourself and have a very warm and generous heart! you have so much strength of character!!Hope you never change:-)

My fav. line from this post "If I don't respect and admire you, your opinion of me does not matter to me. "!!

have a great weekend!

sacramento said...

My dear Dusk, you are a true beauty inside and out.
I also wear the watch on my right wrist. It seams logic to me, too.
You do me a great honour to be amongst such great bloggers; an above all to be close to your heart.

Mulika said...

Thank you for accepting the award and in such beautiful style!

You beautiful, kind Woman. How lovely you are to say such generous things about me whom you hardly know and for me to be like 'you know what she totally sums me up' - I am very glad to know you, I have a feeling I am going to learn a lot from you :)

And can I just say, the pics are phenomenally fierce. You look positively Amazonian. I love it!

Mulika x

p.s no'5 hit a nerve....I am really wanting new boobies. As in June!

Veshoevius said...

Ole! Can I just say I am drooling over your pink and red skirts?!

annie said...

thanks lady! loved reading this!

Nickie Frye said...

Ooooh, wow those skirts are so beautiful. I love the hemline. You look gorgeous as always. xoxo

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Ooooh you are a dancer my lovely Dusk - such an elegant figure!!! Thank you so much for awarding me you gorgeous woman, I'll be thinking of seven things today:))). You are a living, walking, dancing and singing wonder - thank you so much for all your kind words. xoxoxo

RETRO REVA said...

I just found you via Terri and I must say, your blog is terrific!
I am finding so many new bloggers lately that I LOVE and your style and photo skills are great!
A new follower!

Dusk said...

Hello lovelies... thank you so much for all your lovely words and all the lovely things you say... I hope you know that my inability to comment and respond to your most generous comments is simply because sometimes I don't know how to respond... I'm overwhelmed and humbled, which i hope doesn't make it sound like I'm aiming for Martyr of the Year Award or something!

Thank you again and... the trick to switching brain sides is.. to make the dancer spin clockwise, look at the bottom right hand corner. To make her turn anti clockwise and engage the left hemisphere, look at the top left corner. This simple trick is about focus.