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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Parisian Nights

I have never had any yearning to go to Gay Paree* and frankly, am not a Francophile (although i do speak the language, albeit rusty now and have many close French friends so it's not like I'm antiFranco...)... but... I don't understand the fascination with Paris.**  Seville thrills me, Milan, Brussells, Istanbul, Athens!!!  Ohhhh my.  But... Paris. Nothing. Blase. Passe. Sashay?

However I do understand the idea of Parisian Nights...opulent, decadent, bohemian, creative, sensual, luscious, beautiful... images of a Belle Epoque... artistic license to thrill... which is what I experienced tonight at The Art Lounge

I've teamed up with a most fantastic friend to photograph interesting events and places to see and go and experience.
Meagan has a radio program called Armchair Traveller.  I'm her camninja wingman!  She is also awesomely talented.  10 fingers, a thousand pies and all deliciously baked!
We share a love of dance, performance, radio, burlesque, life, experiences, challenges and all things sense-ual and ours is the perfect collaboration.

The images I take are for the radio show's blog but I am able to share the images I take so stay zoned... but this was not why we were here tonight.  We were just meeting up before [drum roll] the BIG EVENT...oooh mystery...

(*relax.  That doesn't mean that Paris is full of homosexuals.  Once upon a time, "gay" meant happy plus eet eez ze way Frrrancophiles woould descrrribe Paree. Non?

**Some of my 'from Paris' friends don't understand the fascination! And they are artists, designers, photographers, antique dealers.)

...and look at my shoes!... refer previous post...

From 'Parisian Nights at The Art Lounge'

"Parisian Nights at The Art Lounge is about sharing fantastic food and drink in a vibrant atmosphere of fabulous burlesque entertainment.

Meet with friends in the elegant lounge or alfresco style and banquette dining areas and enjoy discreet cabaret style performances throughout the evening. Feathers, diamantes, glitz and glamour meld into a delicious night of tapas, cocktails & French wines from the bar.

Featuring internationally renowned burlesque artist, Sarina Del Fuego, Parisian Nights evokes the decadence and sophistication of the 1920’s. Be early and have the unique opportunity to create a figure drawing inspired by live costumed models from 6pm - 830pm

Most amazing chanteuse Rose Grayson & Accordionist Philippe Wittwer.

Well known international burlesque artist Sarina del Fuego.

She (the singer Rose Grayson) was absolutely amazing!  Just perfect and wicked and sassy and dramatic and divine! The reincarnation of Edith Piaf!

"Sarina’s sophisticated and lavish performances have enraptured global audiences as far and wide as the Edinburgh, Sydney and Adelaide Fringe Festivals, NYE at the Sydney Opera Bar, the London Burlesque Festival, La Clique and the famous Spiegeltent."

Compliments of the owner who started talking to us and discovered we were there to experience the heady delights of Parisian Nights.  And that we write about such things...

I'm not doing a review here, Meagan and I were only there for social reasons but... the food was delicious (we only had a tasting plate but that was enough to whet the appetite), the service was damn good and the ambience was glorious!
If you're in Sydney you must go.

...and this is why I am the photographer... sigh....


Kent Johnson said...

Looking very Chic!

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

You look absolutely fabulous. And that shot of the swirling gold skirt is amazing!!!
Kidswear at Fashion Panache

meelusha said...

you look beautiful and I admire your courage in terms of personal style! beautiful shots of paris, a true parisian vibe comes my way :)

Vintage Vixen said...

A divine outfit and a heavenly location. The animal print and polka dots are just a genius combination.
Paris rocks, trust me it's not all about the Eiffel Tower and posh shops. There's Montmartre, the Left Bank, flea markets, intimate bistros and quirky art galleries. xxx

Shruti said...

You are a doll. Loving the skirt and the pink checkered shoes(u have amazing friends!). Loving everything about this look.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment also.. I am not here just to return the favor! may be we were never introduced before :) Love ur style.

Misfits Vintage said...

Animal print, faux fur, baby pink, polka dots and gingham... I'M IN LOVE! Absolutely inspired. You look AMAZING, amor!

This looks like my kind of night.

Sarah xxx

Polka Princess said...

Aahhh! You did full justice to that beautiful pair of shoes!! Looks like you had lots of fun! Specially loved your leopard print cuffs... :)

P.S.: You know...last night, I actually DREAMT that I had gone to Sidney & was hanging out with you!!! And even in my dream, you were looking as gorgeous as ever! ;)

sacramento said...

Wowwwwwwwwww dusk, polkadots and animal fantastic is that???
I love how you look into the camera, and how much the camera loves you back.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I've been to France but I've never been to Paris ... hmmm, has a ring to it ... I've been to Paradise but I've never been to me? What an amazing night out you had - tasting plate and all **slurp**. You are the most divinely gorgeous creature on the planet Dusk. xoxoxoxoxoxo said...

You look very pretty! I love those shoes..... And your poses. :) Sorry I have been sooo absent on your blog! I have been a horrible follower! :) :P :) Sorry.....

Terri said...

the many patterns in your opening photo, especially the leopard cuffs, are just too good.

Lee Oliveira said...

Oh Dusk... You look so classy and chic.
Very Coco... love the pose
Lee x