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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ageing disGRACEfully.

I met the most amazing woman on Monday and we had a most wonderful conversation about getting older, we were so excited to share our thoughts and how similarexact they are!  Turns out she is a motivational guru and Penelope Whiteley has made it her life's mission to teach other women how to 'Age Disgracefully... Now'.  What a woman!

THEN... tonight... I saw the most ahhhmazing Grace... Went with my soul brothers and we were all just blown away by Hurricane Grace Jones!  What a performance!  What a woman!  What a voice! What a body!  WHAT an incredible presence!  And attitude.  And manner and mind.  In her sixties and ageing as disGRACEFully as possible!  With dignity and pleasure.

Ladies and Gentleman... this is how we roll.  Ageing disgracefully means never having to say sorry for being 100% YOU 'til the day you die!  It means refusing to 'settle down'.  Dust settles.  I prefer rising up. I have no time for days gone by.  Those of us who know how to age disgracefully don't waste our time looking back.  We live with our best foot forward.  In thigh high boots or hot red shoes*...

What does ageing disgracefully mean to you?

This (above) is what I wore to see Grace and this (below) is what I wore to work...had to do a quick change inbetween but a leopard doesn't change her spots... J ... and as you can see I am still flaunting my skin. Roar.

Rather funny that I'm doing the classic 'natural facelift' pose in a post about embracing ageing!!! 
I assure you it was all for effect and drama. 
I'm all about the drama.  Not in mood, just manner.  There's a big difference.

...hmmm...the 'Air Armpits & Tangle Fingers in Hair' pose. 
Just glad it's not 'Hair Armpits & Tangle Fingers in Air' pose because that would be kind of... awkward.

Drama.  It's my only vice.  (oh please say you get the pun!!)

I will be adding more pics... of GRACE! 

*red shoes... Penelope's logo



Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Ageing gracefully in my world means: Embracing the person that is me. XX

Misfits Vintage said...

My LAWD you are exquisitely beautiful. And rocking those leopard tights! Love both of those looks, of course, you are always perfection. Seriously, these are my all time fave pics of you, amor. Just incredible.

I wish I'd gone to see Grace - I bet she was just incredible too! I'm a little envious. Just a little.

Sarah xxx

Tanvi said...

I would definitely age DisGracefully! :P And your leopard spots are quite sexy. Yes! They are! :) Love that dress in the first shot :)

♡ from ©

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

You are hot and happening- no matter what age you are.
You still could not comment on the blog? Or did you become "naraaz" with it?

bollywoodstylediaries said...

Age is nothing but a state of mind:-) Love the leopard tights - combined with the chains, they give a fierce, sexy look. And oh, yes, drama is ur only vice:-)

Taj Acosta said...

Beautiful post dear. Aging disgracefully to me is refusing to be afraid of it, ashamed of it or intimidated by it! xo

sacramento said...

Thank you for your wise comment. I only have in my blogroll people I like and want to talk to.

Veshoevius said...

You look amazing! I can't contain my curiousity but what is it that your skin has done? I know from your previous that its an allergic reaction to sugar but is it peeling? Anyway very cool you are embracing it with matching tights!

Ninjagaiden78 said...

Wow, you look fantastic. I cannot even tell you.

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Just stumbled on your blog! It's so beautiful. I don't know why. I just the sense that you're so full of beauty and life. I love that.

I'm only 17, but I guess the thing I admire most in the older people is their ability to still be young at heart. I know this is totally cliche, but you meet people, and you can tell that they just LOVE the world, and they love being alive... Ah, its the best.

Check out mine?

Leia said...

Dusk, you vixen, you! You always look incredible ... this lipstick and the eyeliner is so perfect on you and maxi lengths & leopard print & high slits are all on my 'adore' list! You are such a stunner.

Why should there be rules about what you can and can't wear at certain ages? People tell me I dress like a grandmother now. I don't care! I wear what I like. My mother is repeatedly told that she dresses like a teenager! Who cares? Wear what you like and be confident, no matter what your age. :)

Terri said...

This look is perfect for seeing Grace Jones! And, your poses always inspire me.

Shruti said...

Who is ageing btw? You don' look a day older than 26!!
I can never bring myself to try that dark brown lip shade. I'm scared! but u r rocking it girl ;) said...

I wish I was able to fully accept a concept like this...I hope one day I can give up the guilt I feel and just be myself 100%. But it takes time...and I think I am getting better at it. (not necessarily about aging...)

That is why I like to follow blogs like yours and Tanvii's. It makes me realize I can be myself 100%. I just love your confidence.