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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Friends With Benefits

Ahhh...friends...somnetimes I don't quite know what I've done to deserve them but oh mannn... I must have done something right.  Not only are my friends wonderful, witty, funny, smart, brilliant, sassy, fiesty, sexy, beautiful, caring, compassionate, generous, eclectic, quirky, varied, crazy, life bon vivants... they also like sending me gifts. 

As if their presence, personalities and friendship weren't beneficial enough.

My darling Sarah told me she was sending me a small parcel.  When I had to hire a forklift to help me carry the parcel home... I realised our definitions of small differ... J
...And then... this 'small' parcel?  It was kinda like this... !!!!!!! 

By the way... if you ever meet her on the street, DON'T compliment what Sarah is wearing, no matter how gorgeous it is and how much saliva is pooling in your mouth.  Because she'll give it to you.  I made the 'mistake' of complimenting those divinnneeeee coral wedges and well, what do you know?  Lucky it wasn't her dress...

You will be seeing those [sigh...faint] pink chequered shoes very very soon and that sapphire skirt... oh.MY.Goddddddd.  Those lime espadrille wedges!!  aaarggghhhh!!! LOVVVE!!  Sigh. Sarah... love.

...and...just before Easter I received these WONDERful things from a most wonderful [non blogging, living too far away from me and dammit i miss her] friend.  My Wonder Woman fantasy obsession... love is well known but dammit seems I'm not the only one.  That lipgloss is by M.A.C. and is sold out in Australia!  All the WW products are!
...Even though the Aus dollar is stronger, the WW products cost 3 times more than in the US. Robbers.  Even though I do use M.A.C. lipsticks I still balk at the ridiculous prices.

Thank you my darlings!!!


La Dama said...

Miss dusk till dawn,
I Found you via sarita, love your sense of style and attitude
Sarah, has a heart of gold sending you all those lovely gifts.
I have the wonder woman lippy in ruby red and i love it.
Take care

Elle Enchanted said...

Such great friends you have... lovely can't wait to see you style these! :D and you're adorable.

Tanvi said...

Wow!!! I am loving those checkered shoes and that skirt! What fabulous friends. That was indeed very very very sweet!! :)

♡ from ©

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

I can absolutely imagine why your friends love you so much. You are like that. So charming, a pure soul.
You deserve such lovely friends and such lovely gifts.
You look like a kid in the pictures, who is excited to open her Birthday presents and is super charged to show them.
Enjoy my dear- your friends, your gifts and everything.
God bless you always.

Leia said...

You lucky lady! I can't wait to see you styling all these items and wearing that WW lipgloss (that supergirl tote bag is so cool too!). Sarah and your other friend are so generous and sweet :)


Polka Princess said...

OMG!!! Somebody's got a GREAT set of friends!!! LOVING everything out there.......can't wait to see you style all of those! :)

David said...
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Vintage Vixen said...

Isn't Sarah just fabulous! I love all those colourful shoes, they are so you, Dusk!
Looks like we've got the same sized feet!
That Wonder Woman lippie is amazingly packaged, very envious. xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Amor, I adore you! Sarah xxx

simple girl..... said...

love those shoes babe .. such great frnds... said...

Awesome bag! I am like that. I give things away. Sometimes if people tell me they really like something then eventually I give it to them. lol Cuz I can't get it out of my mind how happy it will make them.

And thank you...I am all those things you said. awesome, cool, beautiful, sexy... haha.